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Is it a scam? Fiji officials quiet on PNG recruitment

MIKA LOGA | Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

THE FIJIAN LABOUR MINISTRY has still not issued a statement on an agreement between a recruitment agency and individuals in Papua New Guinea to hire 800 Fijians to work in that country.

The Fiji High Commission in PNG conducted investigations and has raised some questions about the agreement.

Fiji’s High Commissioner to PNG, Romanu Tikotikoca, who is in Suva, has met with the Ministry of Labour to discuss the issue.

Labour Minister Jone Usumate said he’s not in a position to release a statement about the matter just yet.

But FBC News has learned that a recruitment agency has started registering Fijians for employment in PNG and is charging them a $100 processing fee.

Meanwhile, PNG Attitude readers have flooded the blog with comments and letters opposing the scheme.


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Michael Dom

Good. It's all very well for Melanesian leaders to make their agreements and bargains but they should remember whose resources they are bargaining with; it's not only today's people that The State represents but also tomorrow's children.

Whether it's a so-called dictatorship or a so-called democracy the people's voice must be heard.

History teaches us that if the peoples cries fall on deaf ears for long enough, sooner or later those 'deaf ears will fall'.

We Melanesians have great respect for our leaders. But remember this - it is based on mutual respect. Em pasin b'long yumi.

If leaders do not want to earn our respect they should at least act like they appreciate it. The latter should not be too difficult for a politician.

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