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Karl Hoerler, 63, planter, dies in the Western Highlands


Karl HoerlerKARL HOERLER DIED UNEXPECTEDLY at Korgua Plantation, Western Highlands Province, on 12 April. He was aged 63.

Karl Rudolph Hoerler was born at Seraigi Plantation with his identical twin brother, Emil, in the Bainings of East New Britain.

After finishing school at Oakhill College in Castle Hill, NSW, he returned to work in Ppapua New Guinea starting as shipping clerk with Burns Philp, Rabaul, then on the family plantation until he left for the Highlands in 1972 where he became part of Dan Leahy's clan.

In the early 1980s, while at Clarence Plantation, Karl and his dear late friend, David Lloyd, started the Nori Kori Cup: a fun-filled touch footy weekend enjoyed by many people. It has since become a tradition in Goroka.

Karl loved to listen to the BBC World Service broadcasting test cricket on his shortwave transistor radio. Wherever he went, he carried the ABC cricket book with all the statistical information.

He was a coffee planter, coffee buyer and entrepreneur in his various business endeavours.

Karl had a pure heart, compassion, respect for all people and integrity.

He travelled the world, had a zest for knowledge and kept in touch with friends and acquaintances throughout his life. He cultivated and valued friendship deeply.

Karl was buried at Rebiamul Catholic Mission in Mt Hagen right next to his beloved Old Dan Leahy.

He is survived by wife Joyce, daughter Tamara, twin brother Emil and Elsa, sister Mary, eldest brother Ernest and Janice, nephews, nieces, cousins and so many friends.


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Neil Ryan

Just read of Karl's passing with sadness.

Knew Karl from the early days of the Kutubu Project when he was working with Carson Pratt.
Karl worked with me as a construction supervisor for UNTAC (UN Transitional Authority in Cambodia) at Siem Reap and Battambang in 1992.
Karl's positive attitude and ability to work with other cultures and languages, namely Khmer and Thai, contributed significantly to the success of the project

RIP Karl

Peter Lupton

G'day Keith, Peter Lupton here.

I just read the piece about Karl Hoerler's passing in 2013. It was very sad news.

I have very fond memories of Karl, his father, also Karl, and brothers Emile and Ernest. I first met Karl and his father when I was OIC Lassul Bay in 1970-72.

At that time the two Karls were on Seragi Plantation. Emile was working in Rabaul and Ernest was living in Sydney. I spent a lot of time with Karl, either at Lassul or Seragi.

Karl and his wife Joyce stayed with me when I was living in Townsville, in the late 1990s I think. I met Ernest in Sydney sometime in the 1980s. We lived near each other; he at Hillsdale and myself at Matraville.

Hi Peter - Good to hear from you. Many years since our trails crossed - KJ

Slim Kaikai

Ah Karlos Tobunbun
U 2 ya! (Hua Hua)
Gud Wan Emil...
Double blessings...

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