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PNG protests highlight violence against women


A SERIES OF SIT-INS AND PROTESTS were held across Papua New Guinea through Tuesday night to highlight the issue of increasing violence against women.

The Haus Krai (mourning or grieving ceremony) was a response to a series of recent murders of women, including some accused of sorcery.

RNZI correspondent, Todagia Kelola, said the sit-ins at and around Sir John Guise stadium in Port Moresby featured cultural performances and prayer through the night.

They continued until late morning when a petition is handed to prime minister Peter O’Neill, who was said to have spoken eloquently.

“The petition is basically to get our leaders and parliamentarians to legislate stronger laws, tougher punishments for people who commit these offences against women,” Todagia Kelola said.

Meanwhile, the government has promised action this week, including plans to start enforcing the death penalty.


Keith Jackson writes: Meanwhile, PNG Attitude has ended its reader survey on the death penalty with more than 80 readers participating. Readers delivered a 60:40 result against applying capital punishment in PNG, but one suspects that if a poll was conducted in rural areas it could easily go the other way.

We asked a second question relating to whether Australia should be advising (telling!) PNG what to do on this issue. Irrespective of their views on the death penalty, our readers overwhelmingly agree (80:20) that this is a domestic PNG matter and, to use the editor’s earlier phrase, Australia should butt out.


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Sedrick Moka

I would like to comment on the initiative taken by our fellow citizens to come up such petitions and demands for the government to introduce tougher laws and punishments on those causing violence against women.
You've done a great job that will benefit and protect our mothers and sisters.

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