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Yo ho ho & a book – full speed ahead; damn the critics


Fitman Raitman & CooksUNLESS SOMEONE HAS GOT a blockbuster ready to go and poised to spark a bidding war among international publishers, the way ahead for writers in Papua New Guinea is digital and web-based.

Get the book up there for the world to see and you never know, maybe one of those big global publishers will snap it up.  It’s happening already and e-books are morphing into million sellers everywhere.

We live in hope.

With that philosophy in mind Pukpuk Publications is proud to announce from its backyard headquarters that the following titles are now available on Amazon, the behemoth of internet booksellers.  You can buy them either as e-books for your Kindle or as a hardcopy.

Fitman, Raitman & Cooks: Paradise in Peril by Francis Nii

In a society where traditional culture is rapidly breaking down and corruption and greed have become a way of life the boundaries between what is legal and what is criminal are blurred and stretched to the limit.

For the brothers Rasta Fitman and Abe Raitman Yobai and their cousin Ongi Cooks Diani, the only way they can see out of a meaningless and poverty stricken future in the village is to turn to crime.

Using the proceeds of a daring heist they enter the dark world of drug running.  Soon they are joined by an Australian and two Asian businessmen.  Life begins to look good but how long can it last?

Fitman, Raitman & Cooks: Paradise in Peril is a chronicle of the times with a distinctive Papua New Guinean voice that everyone should read and think deeply about.

Inspector Metau: The Case of the Angry Councillor by Phil Fitzpatrick

Inspector MetauWith only a couple of years to go before he retires Inspector Hari Metau is avoiding headquarters and heading for his favourite coffee shop in his battered old Land Rover when he comes across the body of a local ward councillor in the shallows of Port Moresby’s  Ela Beach.

When Hari gets too close to the truth he is arbitrarily sacked from his job.  Undaunted he presses on to a surprising end.

Inspector Metau: The Case of the Angry Councillor is an intricate examination of the many problems that bedevil Papua New Guinea; a country on the cusp of an economic boom but still riven by the old tribal traditions of sorcery and payback.


The Crocodile Prize Anthologies 2011 and 2012

Anthology Cover 2012These anthologies represent the cream of Papua New Guinean writing.

They include short stories, poetry and essays by the new and up and coming masters of literature in Papua New Guinea.  If you haven’t got copies you are missing out on history in the making. 

The two anthologies have been completely reformatted, edited and updated without losing the spirit of the originals.

If you think that Papua New Guinean literature is a worthwhile cause what better way to support it than buying its fruits.

And for those Luddites, you can still get a hardcopy by mail.  Contact

The Strategic Management of Communications by Keith Jackson

Strategic communications managementIssues management involves bringing under control existing or potential issues so they do not jeopardise the interests of the organisation or its stakeholders.

It is a planning methodology enabling organisations and individuals to maximise their influence over their environment.

Using corporate culture as its entry point, Keith Jackson draws on his long experience in communications in Australia, PNG and elsewhere to describe a better way to manage those tough issues that managers all too frequently encounter and which often seem unsolvable.

Use your search engine to find Amazon and look up each of these books, all available at very low prices. Amazon also enables extracts to be downloaded, so you can preview before you buy.


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Baka Bina

Amazing, I watched and cringed when Mr Nii published his Fitman, Raitman and Cooks. I had wondered where he found the benelovent publisher as I am looking for one with my six stories and couldnt find one who at least could just read the manuscripts, let alone give editorial support.

Nearly 20 years after Oxfords Universtiy Press published my first short story "Zymur" in 1995 I'm glad I held onto the hope and continued with my 'rejects'and still kept on writing.

Phil and Keith suggested I try Createspace and after several attempts I'm glad, I can be my own publisher with Createspace giving me the room, times and means to do so.

Createspace is addictive. My two "Curse of Lamisi" and "Haffies are made" have not much tinkering but my third entry 'Man of Calibre' has 10 edits so far and still not to what I would want.
In 'Curse of Lamisi' and 'Haffies are Made', I could even get the artworks by Eddie Kanaupa straight into the books and I get to create my own covers. Createspace allowed me to be my own typesetter and Whoa!

I get two published and in the same night get them onto Kindle. I have plenty more coming and would like to get at six onto kindle by the end of the year. I've got a blockbuster and all who write believe they have blockbusters and you can have that dream on Kindle.

Leonard, its one year on since you last posted on this Im sure you've graduated on with the computer skillset but if you still need to get schooled on Createspace and if you are in POM look me up and you can get some tuition FOC. Man its addictive.


Peter Kranz

Thanks Phil. Yeah - forgot that one was taken by Rose. But she's over the moon that it was chosen. She sends thanks to Francis.

Phil Fitzpatrick

Peter. Unfortunately Amazon links its ebooks to their Kindle, unlike Kobo et al.

We credited the cover photo on Francis' book to you - you might have to explain that to Rose.

Maureen Wari

Amazon? Amazing! Congratulations PukPuk publications and great job living in hope, you all! You did it!
European Renaissance, Harlem Renaissance and sure, Papua New Guinean Renaissance. This is the start. This is where it will happen. Yes, an opportunity for the bright and smart PNGn minds, assisted by Pukpuk publications and cheered on by true friends Down Under. This is real help!

More to come?

Leonard Roka

Once I get down proper nobody will hold my ears to write and publish, I believe.

Leonard Roka

I for one, opened an account with createspace but damn hell that am not computer literate enough to get on.

Need some spoon feeding to get down deep and start publishing online.

The SWEP need to look into this area.

Peter Kranz

Are the ebooks viewable on a standard PC (not a Kindle)?

And congrats to Francis on the publication of his book.

Nice pic on the cover by the way!

(Hail to Rose the budding photo-journalist and the Banz Boyz)

Robin Lillicrapp

Well done, to those Authors being published.

Good work too by the redoubtable Fitzpatrick beavering away in the background to blaze a path for ever-ready writers of tomorrow.

Corney Korokan Alone

Birth of a new generation and an excellent renaissance in PNG Literature!

Excellent Phil, Francis & Keith.

Book reviews should flood in.

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