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Much-loved Brother Andrew Simpson dies in Madang


Brother Andrew Simpson and DWU studentsMY EYES WELLED UP with tears when, on the evening EMTV bulletin, I saw that this great man, the Australian Christian brother, Andrew Simpson CFC, Vice President of Divine Word University, was dead.

I couldn't believe the news until the calls and text messages from friends confirmed his death on Friday from a heart attack.

Bro Simpson will never be forgotten in the hearts and minds of every Papua New Guinean who passed out of that institution from its pre university state to this day. He contributed so much to the university to be where it is today as a leading model institution in PNG, providing knowledge and skills required in this 21st century.

He was a most respected fellow at the university who would eat with us students in our dining hall, attend end-of year functions with the clubs and always be at social events organised by student groups. He would tell us stories and socialise well with the student body and the DWU community.

I could not deny that the university was blessed with this great man in the areas of spiritual, academic, environmental and social development since he first set foot on PNG soil in the early 1990s.

This Australian bloke was an enemy to none and friend to everyone in his time in our country.

For many years he was the Principal at St Benedict's Teachers College in Wewak. He was also most important for rugby league in PNG, being at different times chairman, selector and manager of a Kumuls to tour France.

Bro Simpson’s death, he was aged about 70, is a painful experience in the lives of every current and former student of DWU.

His tireless efforts in bringing up the institution and grooming and exporting human resources to fill the gaps in PNG’s workforce is a greatest investment left behind and his footprints will be forever remembered.

Let’s all accept that God Almighty has plans and purpose for every human being that lives on the face of the earth.

With that, my heartfelt condolences to the late Bro Simpson who has been a mentor and a great friend. I will never forget him in my entire life. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Joe Wasia is the former Enga Students president at Divine Word University


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Joe Formex Wasia

Thank you all for sharing your sincere condolences to our late friend, mentor, and a Christian Brother, Andrew Simpson.

He was truly a kind, friendly, loving, inspiring, fair and just in serving the people in all works of life since he set foot in PNG soil.

Thanks Bernard, and those students, staff and DWU community who took part in the burial ceremonies a month ago.

As the Bible says his soul will rise from that part of PNG in the end of the world.

May his soul rest well in PNG soil, the country he serves for almost all of his life, with other great missionaries.

Steve Gallagher

The last time I met Br Simpson was at night time at the Friendship Library the last week before our semester one break.

Me and Obed had a great chat with him for about 10 minutes. He told me that his mother was a desendant of my grandpa's clan (Gallagher Clan is a big Irish clan).

I was very surprised to hear that from him and shook hands with him many times and called him grandpa.

I was on holiday while he passed away. DWU has lost one of its great friends.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Freman Tumu

God is the maker and the master of all that we accept and all happenings around us.

I convey my heartfelt sympathy to family, relatives and friends in Australia and PNG including students and DWU communities.

May your soul rest in internal peace, Br Simpson.

Linus Kebio

Jeremiah 1:4-5 "before you were formed in your mother's womb I knew you and before your birth I have chosen you to be a prophet to the nation."

Br. Andrew Simpson, being a prophet to PNG, has affected the lives of many Papua New Guineans: families, friends, colleagues and students.

Just having known him for 18 months, I deeply sympathize with those who have been with him and known him for many years.

He will be remembered as a hero among others for the possessing the values of humility, love, respect which were part of his personality.

All these values were shown through his tireless effort and commitment through PNG's education sector and human resource development.

Your legacies will always linger in our hearts.

I personally thank you for your contribution to the people of PNG.

We all will miss you always but hope to meet with you again in Heaven in the glory of God our heavenly father.

May you rest in peace.

Edward Mase

Heroes are not made but rather they are born! He was a beacon of light and hope to many students. He was a hero who understood every student.

He will be missed by his family, collegues and students. He was a man of principles, who walked in humbleness, treated people with love, shared their joys, tears, and achievements.

You are a blessing to this nation! You've done us proud, walked this part and fulfilled your calling.

It is hard to accept the fact that you have left so suddenly but we thank God anyway.

You've served your people well, your country, and we salute you!

May your soul rest in the arms of our eternal father.

It may seemed death has won but no, love has defeated the grave.

Jessica Eroro (HM Class of 2009)

Br Andrew was a wonderful man with a beautiful soul. He had touched so many lives and will always be remembered. May you rest in peace.

Bernard Yegiora

I had the honour of being a pall bearer and helped transport the casket to his resting place in Alexishafen next to the Sek rural clinic inside the old Catholic cathedral that was bombed in WWII by the Japanese (now a big graveyard for Catholic missionaries).

James Wele | Student @ DWU

Late Br Andrew Simpson has a heart for all Divine Word students.

Even though I am here for only one semester, I found Br Simpson to be kindly, friendly, loving, fair and just.

I am very saddened of the rescent loss and would like to express my sincere condolence to His family, Christian Brothers, and DWU community.

I will Miss you Forever. May You Rest In Peace.

Lapieh Landu

It is always an honour in life to coming across those very special people who push your limits, test your patience and knock you in the head when you know you're heading off track.

These are the very people that help groom individuals like myself. Br Andrew was not only a voice for the students or a caretaker with authority, he was more to that. He was our beacon of hope and our guiding hand when we needed one.

His gentle heart and beautiful soul will forever linger in our hearts. A man who saw education as an important tool for development and a man who gave his heart to this country.

The soil beneath our feet, in which he will lie is blessed to house him for he was more than the VC of DWU, he was a change maker, an amazing guardian and an inspiring man!

Rest in Peace, Brother and Friend.. Rest in Eternal Peace...

We will always have you in our prayers and our hearts!

David Kitchnoge

RIP Br Andrew Simpson.

There will be a memorial mass celebrated at the St Joseph's Cathedral in Moresby by the DWU Alumni in honour of Br Andrew.

Time is Wednesday 19 June at 5.00pm. All DWU Alumni and friends of DWU are welcome.

Margaret Cormie

Andrew was my cousin. While I did not have the opportunity to see him often I am so pleased he was my cousin and so proud of his achievements.

He was a gentle giant, loved by everyone who met him. He will remain in our hearts forever.

Daniel Doyle

I wish to convey to the Christian Brothers and DWU communities my deep sympathy on the death of Brother Andrew Simpson.

We got to know each other well during our teacher education days in PNG in the '80's. I was delighted to renew our friendship and collaboration from 2004 to 2006 when I had an office on the campus of DWU.

During that time, I marvelled at Br Andrew's calmness in managing the development of the academic and student services side of that rapidly expanding institution.

Also, during the bitter travails of the Christian Brothers worldwide over the past decades, he remained a member of unquestioned integrity and a model of whom the congregation can be very proud.

He was a first rate professional, a tireless worker, totally committed to the development of his students and a humble man.

Corney Korokan Alone

Kaim, sad to hear of this great friend's death.

And thanks for telling us what he has done for our beloved country.

May he rest in peace.

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