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PNG top cops on notice over crime within force


PAPUA NEW GUINEA’s police commissioner, Toami Kulunga, has told his senior officers they could be replaced by foreigners if they fail to establish their authority over their subordinates.

This comes after a series of criminal activities allegedly involving junior officers, including robberies, murder and attempted murder, the slashing of the ankles of dozens of men, a fan belt attack on a woman and suspects forced to perform indecent acts.

Commissioner Kulunga, who has vowed to clean up the force, accused the senior leaders of closing their eyes to this criminality as if it was morally and legally right.

He summoned the Port Moresby commanders to a meeting at a hotel on Thursday to tell them unless there were improvements, he would put foreigners in their places.

Australia has already committed to increase its aid assistance to the PNG police.

The Commissioner also admonished officers for their untidy appearance and called on them not to use guns casually.

There have been incidents in which members of the public have been wounded when police fired supposed warning shots.

Mr Kulunga also says the carrying of high powered firearms in the capital should cease to stop causing undue anxiety among the public.


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Harry Topham

A hotel seems a strange place to hold a meeting to discuss such a significant problem.

Very inappropriate judgement by the top cop I would have thought?

John Fowke

Errol, for the sake of other Attitude adherents maybe you should indicate just which universe you inhabit.

Have you been to PNG in the past ten years? If not, and you are really interested, a good trawl through the archives here will help you form a better appreciation of what goes on there.

Didacticism is fine in the classroom, but that situation always implies that the teacher has a good command of his subject.

Errol Gunn

A disciplined dedicated police force stops crime, not engages in thuggery.

Clean it up and stop the club mentality. It's not a club it's a disciplined force to protect the people of PNG, not beat them up. The punishment is dealt out by the courts not the police.

Then police get the evidence, make the arrest and lock them up.

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