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TIMOTHY POPE | Radio Australia

Milne Bay artefact from the Keleny collection (University of Sydney)THE NATIONAL MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY in Papua New Guinea is preparing to take possession of more than 300 sculptures, artworks and cultural artefacts which are being returned to the country by a former resident.

Gabriel Keleny, 92, has decided to return the vast collection acquired over the 30 years he spent living and working in PNG. It's the single largest donation in the museum's history.

Australia's Macleay Museum has the task of cataloguing the works before they're shipped to Port Moresby.

Gulf artefact from the Keleny collection (University of Sydney)Senior Curator Jude Philp told Radio Australia it's an astonishing collection.

"It is a real variety of art styles and cultural materials made by people across PNG," she said.

"The national museum put up their hand and said yes, this is something we would really like."

Between three and four hundred sculptures, artworks and other cultural artefacts have been donated to the museum by Mr Keleny, who came from Hungary and settled in PNG after World War II.

Keith Jackson writes:

The National Museum will hold a reception to say ‘thank you’ to its supporters in Australia tonight.

The museum will also announce its redevelopment plans at the event to be held in the Sydney suburb of Balmoral.

Hosting the event are PNG’s Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Boka Kundra; National Museum and Art Gallery President, Julius Violaris; and Director of the National Museum, Andrew Moutu

I’ll be at the reception and will report to PNG Attitude readers on the museum’s plans.


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Ralton Manumanua

Keep up the good work, Mr Keleny. Now I can see my people's artefacts from Milne Bay.

Luke Johnson

KJ - Have you any update on the museum's plans?

Zenitram Dee

Really appreciated! Thank you Mr Keleny for having the heart to send back the artefacts.

It is now the duty of the PNG population and the people in authority to take a good care of them.

Francis Sina Nii

Tenk yu tru Mr. Keleny.

Peter Kranz

A drahm I think, Kevin.

Céad míle fáilte.

Michael Dom

Thank you, Gabriel.

This is a message to PNG: look after these things.

Kevin O'Regan

Ah Peter, Peter, Peter, not sure what you are drinking but I'll have a drum of it ta.

Nothing wrong with your imagination with the Holmes chronicles... keep them coming and I assume Rose is getting some peace while you are occupied with same.

Peter Kranz

You might bump into Holmes.

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