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A perfect addition to the Jackson family


Leilani RoseSOME WONDERFUL PERSONAL news for PNG Attitude this Sunday afternoon.

On Friday, our fourth grandchild, a daughter, Leilani Rose Jackson, was delivered by Caesarian section in the Nambour General Hospital on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

Leilani's mum and dad are Rebekah (Becky) Finzel and Ben Jackson, who is also co-director of our PNG-orientated public relations company, Jackson PR Associates.

Leilani, at 4.2 kg, is a largish baby and, as you can see, she has entered this life with a most attractive presence.

The grandparents are Karen and Craig Finzel of Pomona and Ingrid and I, now of Noosaville.



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Alex Harris

Congrats Keith, Ingrid, Ben and Rebekah. Great name! :)

Mrs Barbara Short

Congratulations. She's a beautiful baby. I can imagine some baby-sitting coming up.

Leonard Roka

Congrats. A great family out there with an addition of this cute sleeping child.

Love you.

Colin Huggins

Congratulations to all concerned - two especially, Ben and Rebekah.

Leilani Rose Jackson, well as we have noted, Peter was quick off the mark with the "Rose" part, and no doubt Andrew Peacock and his wife of way back - Susan (nee Rossiter) then Peacock, followed by Sangster and finally Renouf would be delighted with the first name, Leilani.

I believe Andrew had a bit to do with the Independence of PNG and has had a PNG honour bestowed on him.

I recall the racehorse that Andrew and Susan owned, Leilani, a magnificent looking filly and mare.

When Lelani won the Caulfield Cup, Susan did some mad "flappers" dance on top of a classy hotel restaurant table in Melbourne.

Unfortunately Leilani was beaten by her stablemate in her next race the Melbourne Cup.

Leilani was a champion thoroughbred race mare bred in New Zealand and raced in Australia. She won six Group One races and a total of 12 black type equivalent races, during her short racing career.

At the time of her retirement she held the Australasian earnings record for a mare.

One hopes that such table dancing did not eventuate with the new Jackson arrival.

Cheers and best wishes to all.

Paul Oates

Congratulations to everyone on the safe arrival of Leilani Rose Jackson.

Francis Sina Nii

Congratulations Rebekah and Ben on the birth of your daughter Leilani Rose Jackson.

And to Keith and Ingrid for your fourth grandchild, as well as to Karen and Craig.

Congratulations and happy celebrations. Waigai kaima!

Peter Kranz

Hey! - good choice of second name!

Peter Kranz

Congrats Keith and family. Baby pictures make me go all gooey!

Our niece has just had a baby boy in Sydney and Rose is with them now.

(I had to advise her that dolls weren't appropriate.)

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