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Inspector MetauInspector Metau - The Case of the Angry Councillor by Phil Fitzpatrick, 286 pp, Pukpuk Publishing 2013. ISBN-13: 978-0987132123.  Available from Amazon Books, $11.40

I FOUND THE BOOK INTERESTING, and easy and fun to read.

The main character is Inspector Hari Metau - an apt name which literally means Today's Difficulties or Today's Problems in Motu.

He is a flat white drinking, long serving, senior policemen of considerable intellect and integrity, who understands the realities of the changing social structure in PNG.

The descriptions of the modern Port Moresby scene is accurate and easily identified with (if you lived in the city between 2011 and 2013).

The supporting characters are varied and intriguing, with tough, independent but compassionate women a key feature. Each reader could probably identify himself or herself with a character is this book.

The inspector's assistant is a young and intelligent constable who hasn't been hardened by the politics and corruption that comes with being a public servant in PNG.

There is a strong sense of hope that good will always triumph over evil despite the accepted feeling of resignation that things in PNG (corruption, greed, exploitation, disaffection and more) are the way they are and are unlikely to change very quickly or very soon.

There is a message in the story and different people will probably have different interpretations.

This book should appeal to a wide variety of readers, and one should read it with an open mind and not consider it as just plain fiction.


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Lydia Kailap

I loved it. Your talent as a writer and knowledge of the scene is impressive Phil.

Francis Sina Nii

Inspector Metau-The Case of the Angry Councilor is a detective story set in Port Moresby. Although fictitious, the story portrays the socio-economic realities of the contemporary PNG society. Written in a delectable style, the narrative keeps the reader engrossed and spellbound. The novel is a good educational yarn for people to read and contemplate on it. My daughter Charlene who is doing grade 10 is getting stuck into the copy that we have. We'll be looking forward to the next episode.

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