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GREETINGS FROM THE VILLAGE of Ganigle near Kerowagi in the Simbu Province from where I am excited to send this email because this never used to happen before.

I would go to town to use the internet café to send emails but things have improved and Digicel is certainly making communications better for people like myself who can't survive without the internet.

I have finally returned home from Australia after three long years of PhD study in Brisbane. Now that I am at home in the village, what do I give back to my community? 

I have been fortunate to find a position with Ganigle Kids Counselling Club, a club initiated by a young man Simon Pepi Awi which consists of 15 children from a primary school in the village.

I am working with them, their mothers, fathers, youths and elders to run a series of informal workshops and activities.

The activities are free and focused on basic literacy and numeracy, HIV/AIDS, arts education, financial literacy and health literacy using drama, literature, storytelling and conversation. It is rewarding and satisfying seeing people eager to learn and receive new information.

If any reader is interested to support this activity and offer informal lessons on any topic of interest in your area of expertise, we welcome your contribution and hope to hear from you. Feel free to email me at

I will be here in the village for the next three weeks before I leave for Hawaii to participate in the Pacific Island Leadership Award.

Jane Pumai Awi is a PhD Candidate in creative industries under an AusAID scholarship at the Queensland University of Technology. Her Facebook page is


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Robert Jikavi

Keep up the good work:

Truly a real colour of a female in Papua New Guinea is doing good for the better of the Province and Country. Continue on and don't give up.

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