If Dekla says Papua New Guinea is Eden, then it is
New faith grows in a vehemently Christian nation

PNG people must rise up to face the evil of corruption


WAKE UP PAPUA NEW GUINEANS; we are not living in an imaginary paradise world any more.

Corruption in this country is real, serious and eating deeply into development funds meant for providing the basic government services which the people are praying for every day.

There is no one else to blame other than the politicians we elect to serve us with honour, pride and dignity; bureaucrats we entrust with managing government departments and institutions; public servants who are responsible for implementing government policies; and cohorts who network with key people in government positions.

All work around the clock, tirelessly devising plans, mechanisms, policies, and platforms which can be effectively used to divert funds away from the real intentions and end up in their own pockets.

This is no joke. This is serious. Papua New Guineans, the better country you want to live in will not be built by anyone other than yourself.

Corruption is trapping millions in poverty. Corruption is allowing people from other countries to take up business and employment opportunities which supposed to be preserved for locals.

Corruption is causing an increase in law and order problems because funds meant for this are diverted elsewhere. Corruption is responsible for substandard and poor quality infrastructure in the country.

Papua New Guineans, as far as the future of this country and the future of our children are concerned, we have a real problem threatening to deprive us of all the opportunities to a better life in this country, which has so much potential to develop and advance quickly.

However, if what the government is doing to address corruption is something we all can embrace, it has more to do than just setting up Task Force Sweep. The culprits who stole K1.4 billion are still at large.

K1.4 billion is the figure chairman of Task Force Sweep, Sam Koim, estimates to have been stolen. It is a very significant amount of money.

But even that is less than the total funds stolen from the people’s purse. It would be multiplied if all government departments were investigated. It would be multiplied further if all elected MPs were investigated of how they have used their district development grants over the years.

A true government that really cares for the people and loves them will not shy away from investigating where those public funds ended up.

It will not hesitate to prosecute all those responsible for stealing billions every year.

There are a lot of questions about this government’s ability and willingness to address corruption by setting up Task Force Sweep and an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

If the intentions of this government to address corruption are real and to be executed without fear or favour, then we will in future see some of prominent people in this country serving time behind bars.

If that is not forthcoming, then we the people of PNG have a lot to do to defend this country and our future from the threat of corruption.


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Mrs Barbara Short

Lucas Kiap, whoever you are, you have said it all! You have the true patriotic spirit that can save PNG.

You sound like one of my old Sepik students from the 1970s, another Lucas, who stood in front of the whole of Keravat National High School on Independence Day in 1976.

The whole school went out on strike so they could celebrate Independence Day on the right day.

He got dressed up in trouses shirt and tie and shoes and socks, and gave a very moving address.

PNG, as a new country really meant something to him. And they wanted to just make it a long weekend and not celebrate it on the right day! Shame!

The thing is, people have to start standing up for the pride in PNG as a nation. It's name has been tarnished by all these stories of corruption.

It is heading for the "dust bin" of the world if it doesn't stand up and shake itself and get rid of all the dust of corruption. Take pride in yourself!

Many Australians will help you! We love the country of PNG, as well as Australia. Good on you ,Lucas!

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