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Sepik River Series, Jeffry FeegerFIVE OUTSTANDING YOUNG ARTISTS from the Pacific Islands region have been selected to the 2013 Next Generation Pacific Artists program.

Lalovai Peseta, Béatrice Camallonga, Francis Pesamino, Jeffry Feeger, and Yvonne C Neth now have their works on display in a virtual gallery organised by the Pacific Islands Society.

These exceptionally talented young artists each bring unique style and interpretation to their work.

Representing countries and communities throughout Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Samoa, and the Federated States of Micronesia—their works are a very real snapshot of the emotional landscape of the Pacific.

Drawing inspiration from traditional carving, to tatau design, to bleeding edge visual art techniques, these emerging artists brilliantly showcase the dynamic and creative talent coming out of the Pacific.

Over the next year, these five artists will team up with the Pacific Islands Society to celebrate and promote their work across the region and the world.

The Society aims to facilitate a deeper awareness and appreciation for the abundant artistic talent in the Pacific Islands region by helping promote emerging artists, providing professional development opportunities, and putting on a roster of showcase events with its global partners.


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Steven Ilave (Snr)

Congratulations to all the artists and particularly to PNG’s own Jeffry Feeger and his extraordinary talent.

A short excerpt on each artist can be found in the original next generation of Pacific artists article:

On Jeffry, the write up says:

“Jeffry Feeger grew up in various parts of Papua New Guinea before settling in Port Moresby, where he began to pursue a career in visual art. His work focuses on portrait painting in a magic realist style.

"Telling subjects’ stories by building bridges between people of different backgrounds, his work aims to remind us of our shared humanity.

"Jeffry's work has led him into social advocacy and philanthropy, where the sale of his paintings has allowed him to give back to his portrait subjects and to other charities and organisations."

Well done JF!

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