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Pato says Davis deported after he ‘became involved in politics’


IMMIGRATION MINISTER RIMBINK PATO has told journalists in Port Moresby that PNGSDP spokesman Mark Davis had his PNG visa cancelled after he breached visa conditions and became involved in politics

Mark Davis, communications director of the PNG Sustainable Development Project, was picked up by fraud squad officers in Port Moresby yesterday and driven around the city for four hours before being put on a plane to Cairns.

Mr Davis has confirmed to AAP he was deported. "Yes, I got booted out yesterday," he said. "My only possessions being the clothes I stood up in and my passport."

The PNG government awoke to a scathing editorial in this morning’s Post Courier newspaper that said Mr Davis' ejection was an embarrassment and called on Mr Pato to explain the decision.

"How was Mr Davis living unlawfully in Papua New Guinea," the editorial asked. "Did he break any PNG laws whilst being a resident of Papua New Guinea? Or was he deported because the Government did not like the press releases he was distributing on behalf of the PNGSDP?"

The newspaper warned that the O'Neill government was sending conflicting signals to the international business community.

Mr Pato told journalists in Port Moresby Mr Davis had his visa cancelled after he breached visa conditions and became involved in politics, the ABC reports.

Mr Davis was in the midst of a war of words with the O'Neill government after it took over ownership of the Ok Tedi gold and copper mine two months ago.


Meanwhile Radio New Zealand International reports that prime minister Peter O’Neill has issued a warning to media outlets he says write false or defamatory reports against the government.


Mr O’Neill was responding to questions by journalists over the recent demotion of three senior editors and producers of the national broadcaster, NBC.


He said internal disciplinary issues of the NBC or any other media organisation are not a matter for the government but said the state has the right to complain to management about reports it finds to be defamatory and unproven.


The journalists involved in reporting the government takeover of the Ok Tedi mine and allegations the prime minister was implicated in allegedly corrupt payments to arrested lawyer Paul Paraka, said they stand by the quality of their reports.


Mr O’Neill also said he is reviewing media ownership in PNG to see how citizens can become more involved in their ownership.



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Phil Fitzpatrick

The Australian police contingent was spotted at the Airways Hotel, where they are staying, having breakfast.

Apparently they are mostly overweight. They should fit in really well.

Harry Topham

It would seem that the wolf has finally shed his gamon sheep’s wool clothing to reveal his true identity.

Mrs Barbara Short

The Australian police have been brought to PNG under a government led by O'Neill. So, are they supporting O'Neill? Are they allowing themselves to be "involved in politics"? Just a thought.

One of the Sepiks that I was "talking with" on the Sepik Region Development Discussion Forum on Facebook said it was OK for O'Neill to bring in Australian police as long as they didn't get involved with politics. Somebody should remind them!

The Sepiks are also worried about politicians being involved with the setting up of the ICAC.

I guess some of the politicians are also very worried about the setting up of an ICAC. It will be interesting to see if the ICAC Bill is a good one and if it is easily passed.

Michael Dom

The Government of Papua New Guinea is doing an excellent job because of the Ministers and public servants who are highly qualified at doing whatever they want.

That statement is 'false and defamatory'.

So when Keith publishes this he'll find out about the "warning" and I'll be deported.

Just make sure you go by air and not by boat, Michael - KJ

William Dunlop

Are we now moving to the next stage of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves?

Joseph Goebbels in the form of Rimbink Pato rearing his ugly head in history again.

And where is the international criminal Tjranda now. He is the original bag man of the Papinao group.

What say you, eh, eh, eh....

Joseph Gorbles














Peter Kranz

It works both ways. Mana Dau (Rose's mum) has had her visa application refused by Australian Immigration because she used a different surname to the one we used in our sponsorship application for her. (Aussies don't understand how PNG names work).

Should it be her father's surname, her mother's, her married one or her adopted one? Hell she didn't know any better. She can't even read English.

And of course she has lost the application fee - probably six month's income for her.

Birth certificates don't help - especially if you were born in the Highlands in 1946.

And apparently I don't have enough money in my account to prove we can pay for her expenses for a three-week tourist visit because she is unemployed.

She's in her seventies and this was to be the highlight of her life.

This is not political, it is just the sheer bastardry of DFAT, honed over many years.

I think I mentioned Kafka a while ago?

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