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Queen Pacifica


An entry in The Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Poetry Award

Melanesian womanMelanesian*, Micronesian*, Polynesian*,
She resides with the sea and her tide draws all men, young and old alike.
Where the continents of man fail, this vast Pacific, she reigns.

Oh Queen Pacifica, whose crucifix graces your night sky?
Whose jealous eyes caress you amidst those rain-fed peaks and salted depths?
You are His servant and the mistress of all my earthly desires.

You are my obsidian dream and I will quarry your love
In the Temples of Oblivion, reveal your secrets to me!
Let us strike a mortal bargain to smite the dull frame of night.


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Michael Dom

Thank you for your appreciation Luke, Barbara and Robin.

A very fitting picture to go with it Keith. Ta.

Robin Lillicrapp

Covered a lot in few words.
Well said, Sir.

Mrs Barbara Short

Lovely poem, Michael. It says a lot.

Luke Johnson

This is good. Very good.

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