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Sam Koim says influential people behind attempted break-in


Sam KoimSAM KOIM, THE HEAD OF corruption investigators Task Force Sweep in Papua New Guinea, says some high profile people in the country are attempting to foil its efforts.

Mr Koim confirmed that two four-wheel drive vehicles approached his office at 9pm on Wednesday asking guards to let them in to speak to Mr Koim. He said the six men were turned away when guards telephoned him. He said his guards and police are armed.

Mr Koim said he suspects the men were being used by more influential people. This latest attempt followed a burglary in January when laptops and paperwork were stolen.

“We are trying to create a future for PNG with equal opportunities and benefits for all of us, which is somewhat distorted by corruption,” Mr Koim said. “We want to minimise corruption so that everyone has a share of the benefits in this country."


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Mrs Barbara Short

Stand firm, Sam Koim. You are an inspiration. God bless and protect you.

Some of the first generation of politicians in PNG have been very self-centred.

They have sought personal wealth and comfort for themselves and their families at any cost to the ordinary men and women and children of the villages of PNG.

Corrupt ways have become very entrenched. I would like every Minister or departmental Secretary who has said "we won't call for tenders" to be investigated. I'm sure you would find that they have lined their pockets in the deal.

Once the ICAC is set up the responsibility for investigating corruption should be shared by a number of investigators and Sam Koim will not be under such great pressure.

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