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Sassy Bougainville girlsWHEN THE BOUGAINVILLE CRISIS ended, there were many changes: the peace process; weapons disposal; reconciliation among ex-combatants etc...

Family gathered, shared tears and tried their best to mend broken hearts. It was hard to forgive but that was the only solution for a new Bougainville.

Everyone dreamt of an expected time of change that would shine light and destroy darkness and cruelty.

Among the wisest of thinkers were women; women of vision, belief and faith. Seen with the naked eye, it was the man who fought smart to end the crisis; but in reality the women also fought smart.

Women’s role in society plays a major role in development. Women are the creatures of spiritual enlightenment, bringing peace because of their softness in hospitality. They are creatures who feel pain yet accept and carry the burden even when it is so heavy.

They are creatures who fight not physically but with weapons like love, faith, honesty, trust, courage and wisdom.

Without these weapons, it is not possible to establish an order in which happiness and peace reign.

Education the key for BougainvilleansLove is said to be of the greatest influence, more than the best high powered rifle or the most expensive house that only the rich can afford.

We must safeguard women’s role in society. It’s a role that is understood by women but it, under great stress, it can fall apart.

It isn’t too late for men to greatly improve the way they behave.

Being a woman is something very special; the powers may be within and hidden, but they are so vital to the health of our society.


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Nigel Matte

You're all important ladies; so feel blessed

Marlene Dee Potoura

Thank you Nigel. The role that women have played in Bougainville has brought peace.

I remember my cousin Lorna, who went to strongholds in the Wissai mountains to talk to hardcores to come for reconciliation and peace talks. She succeeded and peace has reigned in Buin.

Nigel Matte

Thanks everyone, that's the importance of being women

Maureen Wari


Mrs Barbara Short

How true. I heard there were some wonderful peace processes put in place by the women of Bougainville.
God bless the Bougainville women.

Being a woman I know how important it is to have women playing a role in society. PNG probably needs more women to be more involved with the police force, the defence force and the government.

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