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DWU subsidiary takes over management of Tabubil hospital


DWU President & Chairman of Diwai Pharmaceuticals Fr Jan Czuba, Tabubil Hospital Administrator Margareth Samei, Pakadavee Parker, OTML MD Nigel Parker, OTML Manager Employee & External Relations Musje WerrorTHE MANAGEMENT OF TABUBIL HOSPITAL in the North Fly District of Western Province has come under the management of Diwai Pharmaceuticals Limited, a subsidiary of Divine Word University.

The hospital which is owned by Ok Tedi Mining Ltd has served OTML employees and their families, contractors and communities from Western Province and Telefomin District for many years and is best known for being the Western Province’s referral hospital, servicing the North, Middle and South Fly districts.

CEO of OTML, Nigel Parker, said that three years ago the company began its search for an organization that could take forward the management of the hospital.

“The arrangements we have come to terms with, with Divine Word University is to develop this hospital into a teaching hospital that will support students under the Rural Health program in their clinical training,” Mr Parker said.

He acknowledged contributions made by the Fly River Provincial Government, other organizations and contractors operating in Tabubil and said OTML will continue to support the hospital in the future.

“The hospital has consistently rated five stars in accreditation and this year we are presenting ourselves for accreditation under the National Health Service Standards,” Mr Parker said.

“That is a credit not only to the support given by OTML and other donors, but is also a credit to the staff of the hospital; they are a dedicated group of people.”

Chairman of the Tabubil Hospital Board and President of DWU, Fr Jan Czuba, said the hospital will train doctors to be mentally prepared to go into the rural areas of the Province to provide quality health delivery.

“I think this is a great partnership; it’s something which will last,” he said, adding that another of the hospital’s core functions will be to conduct research on diseases and other health disorders.

Fr Jan expressed confidence in the Tabubil Hospital management under Hospital Administrator, Margareth Samei, saying that the Board’s intent was not to interfere with management.

Tabubil will perform three distinct functions as a teaching hospital: providing medical care and services to OTML employees and dependents, contractor employees and the general public; offering a practical field for academic and clinical training programs of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Divine Word University; and conducting medical research to provide input into Biomedical and Health Sciences Research in PNG. 


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Dickson Haulai

To Tabubil General Hospital Manager:

Dear Sir/Madam, If some of the students studying Rural Health at Divine Word University applyied to your hospital to do their residency, will you accept them?

I am desperately needing your response.

Corney Korokan Alone

Great health-solutioneering partnership!

Bernard Yegiora

A good acquisition for DWU.

Mrs Barbara Short

This is excellent news. Congratulations to Divine Word.
I heard that ADI (Australian Doctors International) had been helping various parts of the Western province but since the government took over the Sustainability Fund, medical funds had dried up and they were worried about their ability to help the disadvantaged people in the Western province.

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