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Heaven’s Painting


Mt Wilhelm dawnAn entry in The Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Poetry Award

It’s not da Vinci’s painting
nor Michael Angelo’s sculpture
Every collector envying
Pure colours of nature
Defining creation
All eyes refuse to blink
Allowing imagination
To think

How marvellous are the blades of heaven
Carving rocks and soils to hills
And mountains with fading lights
Touching intricacies of colours only
extracted from the creator’s glorified hands

Carefully moulding the contours
burrowing the hills for the heavenly trickles
Seeping down the slopes
Heading for a destiny beyond the lands
To the universal pool

It’s not oil on canvas
Nor a screen for human hands
A gallery for painters
to marvel God’s hands
Beauty and simplicity
Blended in a single ray
Setting peace & serenity
Taking every breath away

The ruggedness of peaks and falls sweetly vanishing in the distance
With diminishing blues and fading greys encapsulating lovers emotions
Purely untamed from the earthly dwells like the distant clouds
A moment frozen in time harvesting dreams

If you had born without wings you’ll find them here
And you’d wonder if this was your original birth place
If you close your eyes you still see this beautiful creation
And you’d wonder if this was a dream
Ain’t no man would ever create
Ain’t no man would ever paint
Ain’t no place you’d ever experience
Only up here
The Heaven’s Painting


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Mrs Barbara Short

Wonderful poem, Jimmy, but I'll still paint and try to capture some of God's majestic grandeur.

Michael Dom

Welcome back Jimmy. You've reminded us of a place which is much loved.

This poem is a good addition to have to our growing numbers.

Dominica Are


Robin Lillicrapp

Like it

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