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A refreshing recipe for tropical dining – pukpuk kebabs


Crocodile kebabsHERE'S SOMETHING a bit different from Darwin. And it’s delicious. Quick and easy pukpuk kebabs.

Take some lean chunks of crocodile tail meat, cut into chunks around a two inch square.

Mix some yogurt, tandoori paste, salt and pepper, chili, garlic, the juice of one lemon and shredded ginger. Add the croc pieces.

Refrigerate for an hour or two, preferably overnight.

Thread the croc meat pieces on skewers interspersed with sliced zucchini, okra, onion, tomato and green peppers.

Grill on an open fire - turning regularly for about 10 minutes until the chunks are evenly browned.

Serve with rice and streamed kaukau and greens.



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Bill Brown

Pukpuk kebabs may be a gourmet’s delight, but pukpuk may not be everyone’s dream delicacey.

If you are stuck with an intake of pukpuk and sago for any length of time, you know you have been eating it. You only have to lift your arm and sniff your armpit. Palmolive does not help, the pukpuk prevails, and he does not go quickly.

A long, heavy intake of ripe paw-paw also has noticeable results. The sheets take on a yellowish hue – not from, but purely from per...per...pers...perspiration.

And, even a large intake of garlip or karoka nuts can have memorable, moving effect!

Philip Fitzpatrick

Actually, that chocolate is to die for - best I've tasted in a long time.

Peter Kranz

I am afraid I must whet your appetites once again, but today being Rose and I's 12th anniversary of having gotten together, today we have a United Nations feast.

Take Aracini (A sort of Italian stuffed meatball), covered with some English cheddar cheese sauce, serve with Greek salad (with Danish Feta and Kalamata olives), and a Baltic potato salad (with Polish sour gherkins).

Serve with some French baguettes with Bega butter and Tasmanian brie, and you have an international meal. And I haven't mentioned the desserts yet.

PNG coffee of course, and some of that Simbu chocolate.

Reckon I could make a great cake out of that.

Peter Kranz

I think this belongs here, if anywhere.

There is an Asia-Pacific grocery in Wallsend, Newcastle which stocks taro, cassava, abika, strong banana, kaukau (of course), spices and herbs and coconuts to boot.

The owner says many of his customers are from the Pacific Islands, studying in Newcastle. They even have Ox and Palm! And Diana tinpis!

A great day's shopping expedition.

Maureen Wari

Ol lain lo Moresby, which shops would have lean chunks of croc tail meat?
Ready to shun lamb flap for 2014 and beyond.

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