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Governor Juffa inspects run-down police housingGOVERNOR GARY JUFFA has commended provincial police for their successful efforts in investigating serious crime in Oro Province.

Mr Juffa, seen here inspecting run-down police housing, thanked provincial police commander Jacob Singura for his management of the police since taking office late last year.

The Governor instigated an enquiry soon after his election in 2012, when he saw reports from the Auditor-General’s office about the misuse of public funds by various people including public servants.

The matters were referred to police, who identified a number of serious cases of fraud. Before departing Oro to take up his post as PNG’s Director of Internal Affairs, former provincial police commander Victor Isuove recommended a number of investigations, arrests and prosecutions.

At the Governor’s request, police investigators were flown in from Port Moresby to carry out the recommendations, resulting in several people, including public servants and former public servants, being charged with serious crimes.

These included a former Northern Province Restoration Authority chairman and a former deputy provincial administrator of the Oro Administration.

Crime in Oro is at an all time low with violent crime significantly reduced and fraud related crimes under intense investigation. After taking office, Mr Juffa vowed to restore law and order and expended substantial funds to ensure the crime-fighting capabilities of police. This included the formation of a tactical response unit, initiation of regular patrols and action to improve police accommodation.

A highway patrol along the Kokoda corridor is being established at Saiho and the Police Commander has secured the services of 10 recently graduated constables and signed an agreement for the engagement of 50 reserve constables.

“Law and order is necessary before development,” Mr Juffa said. “If you do not address law and order, you cannot effectively deliver goods and services and investment will be negatively affected and the province will stagnate.

“As usual, things have been slow. The bureaucratic process is so cumbersome we are constantly struggling to address the substantial needs of building a force that can work as it should. But we are getting there.

“Development driven by good leadership means leaders must ensure that those who commit crimes, especially those who act corruptly and steal public monies, must be brought to justice,” he said.

“Anyone can deliver a classroom or a dinghy or a truck, but it takes more commitment to address corruption and crime.”

Mr Juffa urged other leaders to also meet their responsibilities to their people and fund policing efforts.


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Peter Comerford

I am really impressed to see the Governor implementing these strategies and taking this stand.

I was in Pop in the 90s when the Governor was Mark Taua and the police commander was Jeffrey Kera from the Southern Highlands.

Kera was tough, maybe extreme on occasions, but was very supportive of me as Headmaster of Pop High with a number of issues involving break and enter, violence and attempted rape.

In one instance he captured a group of Goilalas who had come across the trail and were committing serious crimes in the township. He caught them by setting a trap: not telling his police where or what they were doing to avoid the trap being leaked.

That was the police force, its own enemy. This is also the case with the politicians.

It is a tough gig, Gary, as Papua New Guineans need to make a stand on honesty, integrity and example.

I applaud your stand and the results you seem to be achieving. Keep up the good work. On Sena...

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