My Silence
If we're serious, we must first win battle for rural development

Mount Elimbari


An entry in The Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

You stronger than any rock
You soar higher than any hawk
You stood through time
Still in your prime
Yet you are gentle
Like a guardian angel

You protect the rivers
From solar heaters
You protect the plants
From your solid stance
You stamp your people
With pride of a living fossil

A painting in the distance
Fading with lasting patience
An epic tale
Of a loyal male
Waiting from creation
Through generation

Under the veil
From heavenly cocktail
Blessings from the skies
Shower those blurry eyes
Never forsaken
the promise of Eden

Na Kongo


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Philip Kai Morre

I admire this beautiful mountain because it produces calcium carbonate which in turn produces the sweetest kaukau and potatoes.

Kumo Robert

Aiya ganyo. Your lovely poem relieved me from my stress and homesickness and eased my worrying about my home sweet home, Kunerger village, lying at the foot of Kongo Erei.

I could see the limestone wall in front of me every day during my childhood. Although I left home and searched for a better life in other provinces, the name Elimbari is always my pride.

I am proud to be an original landowner of where the giant stone stands.

Roy Irum

Jimmy, Son you are a true Elimbarian and you are bestowed the name "Kongo" by virtue of your lovely poem of Elimbari. Roy Irum Chief of Mam Molkoloul Tribe and custodian of Mount Elimbari."Elimbari is my heritage & my strength"

John Kaupa Kamasua


A unique depiction of one of Simbu's natural icon.

Memory lingers still for those of us away from home.

Bob Cleland

Love this one Jimmy. Strong memories of my time in Chuave.

Jimmy Drekore

Thank you Steve.

Steven Ilave (snr)

Aiyo my “bush poet” brother, I see Mount Elimbari break into a smile that stretches as far as the eye can see ! This is a lovely piece !

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