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O’Neill gets tough on ministry: Shape up or ship out warns PM

William DumaJOY KISSELPAR | PNG Edge

PNG PRIME MINISTER Peter O’Neill says by sacking a party leader he is driving home the message that all party leaders are subject to the same rules and regulations of conduct.

He says party leaders must ensure they adhere to solidarity in cabinet and provide stability as a team.

William Duma (pictured) who was Petroleum & Energy Minister and is leader of United Resource Party was dismissed.

Mr O’Neill said the decision was based on performance, teamwork and stability of each the ministers.

“Today was a hard day and it’s hard to do these to your own colleague ministers, some of whom are your personal friends," said Mr O’Neill.

Police Minister, Nixon Duban, who is a member of People's National Congress Party will take charge of the ministry.

Member for Henganofi, Robert Atiyafa, and Member for Gumine, Nick Kuman, are also members of the People's National Congress.

Atiyafa is now Minister for Police while Kuman takes control of the Education ministry.

David Arore, who was Minister for Higher Education and a member of the Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party, was dismissed. The MP for Sohe Delilah Gore, a member of the same party, replaces him.

Mr O’Neill has instructed all his cabinet ministers to develop short and medium term plans to implement all major government initiatives of the Alotau Accord.

He says their performances will be measured and monitored against goals set for them and their departments to deliver.


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Michael Dom

Shut down the SABL's - shape up or ship out.

Samuel Roth

You cannot keep someone on a job for too long especially positions that involve millions or billions of kina. You may not know what he/she has been doing for ages.

A change is timely for Petroleum and Energy. We need to move with some confidence that everything should be in safe hands. Checks and balances are necessary.

Bernard Yegiora

So what is the rationale behind the change? Duma is understandable, reading the many articles on blogs and social media, but the others I am keen to know.

Johnny Blades

Yeah. O'Neill says he consulted widely about it. Industry insiders reading this should give us their views on Duma's performance. He had a long run in the job, maybe it's just time for a change.

Samuel Roth

Shape up or ship out - at its best!

Phil Fitzpatrick

Makes you wonder what's going on doesn't it, Johnny?

Johnny Blades

Wonder how Interoil feel about the change at Petroleum & Energy?

Mrs Barbara Short

Thank goodness O'Neill removed David Arore, he was a real embarrassment. Let up hope Delilah Gore can do a better job.

Pity he didn't remove the Minister for Health. The BPP problem still exists.

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