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Our Ancestors

Our ancestors in the night skiesJOHN KAUPA KAMASUA

An entry in The Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Poetry Award

Have you ever looked at the night sky
And watched the stars?
And wondered why we know more about them
Than we do ourselves?

There is a faint and distant connection
Between us and these heavenly bodies,
Somewhere in the eons past
Where even memories cannot be resurrected
We were one, intricately linked,
Made of the same material as the stars
All together, in body and spirit!

Our ancestors saw the same heavenly bodies
And had felt the same peculiar sense of wonder,
Their blood is deep in our veins
As much they are connected to the stars.

Our ancestors’ memories are imprinted on the stars,
O’ If only they could speak of days long gone
When brave men walked the earth,
But much less is left of them, I often lament.

So my friends, our ancestors are in the stars
As much as they are in the earth,
All connected by the same thread of matter
That is you, me, earth, water and fire!

So my friends, if you look up in the night sky
And see the twinkling stars far and near
Know that you are not alone.


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Michael Dom

Very mystical write.

'What now ask heaven / In quiet nocturnal view / Do those cosmic lights / Search for us too?'

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