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Strengthening democracy in a fragmented, parochial & corrupt polity

Ruggedness: The Power of Hope

On Mt Wilhelm's slopes, Easter 1964JIMMY DREKORE

An entry in The Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Poetry Award

That rugged road
a cupid code

That misty mountain
an empty emotion

That friendly hug
a heartily hug

Those tears from the side
Are souvenirs of countryside

Maril Nule runs below
Iri Maule stations in snow

Waramon sings
Omindara sings

Sons of Yuri
Daughters of Yuri

Alai is calling
Maril Nule is calling

Fear not the fight
But your ancestral right

Though rugged is the terrain
Your hearts must maintain

Though bleak is our hope
Is the challenge we must cope

Tears of our mothers
Tears of our fathers

Shall no longer be
But united shall we be

Our children
Their children’s children

Shall no longer roam
But come home

Let ruggedness
Be the strength of progress


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Michael Dom

Jimmy Drekore man bilong tok singsing.

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