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For Rose….


It is the tenth anniversary of when we first met

Since I have known Salome, I have little heed
For care or pain or fear. While Rose and I do live
Present or absent, we can richly give. Peace to each other.

Other hearts may run to weed
Like ruined gardens, scant of love's seed.
Not ours: there's sun and rain, restorative,

Awake the flowers; there heavenly smiles forgive
The errors of the rankest growth they breed.

Ah love me ever: pardon every wrong
That makes thy garden look less beautiful,

Even our love my soul should free of weeds
A slothful husband, whose idle song
Alas too often leaves the rich soil dull,
Stealing its dues of toil:

....but love forbears.


Rose has had her eye on a Rose-patterned Chinese tea set for some time (yes, sometimes we men notice such things) and today being the tenth anniversary of our first meeting, I bought it for her. She's spent the whole morning arranging and re-arranging the dresser to accommodate them. So God bless, and here's the story of how we first met.

I was in my old UPNG A3 house at Fort Banner, alone and rejected after having gone through a divorce from Wife Number 2 back in Oz.

Well, word gets around quickly that you are alone and white and available, and the PNG matchmakers fraternity swung into action.

Pretty soon I was assailed by veritable torrent of well-meaning Aunties and mothers with doe-eyed young lovelies in tow. All very polite and respectful - in fact I felt like a character in a Jane Austen novel.

Then one day Margaret Dollar knocked on my door. Now Margaret was no well-wishing Auntie or Mother. In fact she was an ex-raskol, alleged murderer and thief, last known whereabouts being at the shooting of William Kapris.

But her heart was in the right place (for a few hundred kina), and she proposed to introduce me to a young lovely called Rose. Getting wise to the ventures, I said OK If you bring me a six-pack of SP.

Which she duly did. Along with a lovely Simbu woman called Rose. Rose took one look and decided my house needed cleaning. Margaret said her farewells and Rose got busy with a bucket and mop.

That night I cooked chicken parmigiana with steamed rice and mashed kaukau washed down with a bottle of best Jacob's Creek.

So bless you Rose for the best 10 years of my life, and many more to come.



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Kiak Waim

Awww, congratulations to you both on your anniversary! May you have many more!

John Kaupa Kamasua

Peter and Rose - Congratulations! And thank you for sharing your 10th anniversary with the story and the poem.

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

Kera Peter and Ambai Rose,wee si mangra; congratulations on the bugl ungu 10(X-mas). Wagai wo!


Robin - we did the good old Sunday roast. Leg of lamb, roast spuds, asparagus and corn on the cob followed by peaches and ice cream. Took me back to Sunday dinners of yore!

Robin Lillicrapp

So what comprised your 10th anniversary feast, Pete?

Michael Dom

Peter and Rose, congratulations to you both for your tenth anniversary of meeting.

Peter Kranz

PS. Salome is Rose's birth name.

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