For Rose….
Cannings persists as Australia dives into PNG's domestic affairs

How those top level talks between Abbott & O’Neill really went

Tones shows Pete where to buy budgy smugglersPrime ministers Tony Abbott and Peter O’Neill met for a confidential discussion in Port Moresby on Friday. GARY JUFFA used his considerable mystical powers to attend the meeting as a fly on the wall….

Tones -Hi, how’s it going with Manus?

Pete – Well, fine, until this effort by pesky judges!

T - Hmmm, maybe more money will help?

P -Yes!!!

T - But tell me, is Cannings going to be a problem?

P - To be honest, he’s the least of my worries. I’ve other distractions. Like the economy.

T - Can you also start resettling those asylum seekers?

P - That may be a problem.

T - But we have loads of money!

P - Hmm, interesting!!!

T - By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask, are West Papuans Melanesians?

P - Well, they’re Indonesians.

T - I thought so too.

P - We agree there.

T - What’s going on with Fiji?

P - Well they are doing fine, elections soon.

T - You think Frank might get back in?

P - People there love him.

T - Whatever!

T - By the way, what’s with the Borneo Pacific scam?

P - Well, um, they are compliant now, you know, after we removed ISO 9001.

T - Well what about Unitech?

P - Oh the inquiry did not produce the report we wanted.

T - Do the students have a point?

P - That’s irrelevant.

P - How about the dredging of the Great Barrier Reef?

T - Oh right. Well, we’re a sovereign country and do what we have to, you know!

T - Those young leaders, tell me things I could to be interested in.

P - Manus, West Papua, debt, unfair trade….

T - Boring!

P - Just kidding!

T - Saying one thing and doing another isn't so hard after all!

P - Tell me about it…

T - How about PACER?

P - Well, we are divided on that.

T - But you should accept all our exports!

P - How about ours?

T - Well, it doesn't work that way!

T - Anyway, thanks for using an Aussie bank mate.

P - Of course, we are forging true regional partnerships whenever we can.

T - So more Aussie mines soon?

T - Tell me, can I put on the budgies and go for a jog at Ela Beach and swim to Fisherman Island in the morning?

P - Tony, I don't think that’s a good idea.


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Gary Juffa

...I am watching things unfold...and it is certain...that the next few months...are not going to be boring at all....Michael Dom, thanks bro, its actually KJ that made the effort to extract from my twitter and place on this to KJ! Cheers...

Albert Schram

Classic! Priceless satire.

Michael Dom

Gary, I really enjoyed this. Thank you.

I notice the ties clash between our two PM's - what is Peter wearing and how about Tony's baby-blue?

Also, I don't know how anyone can sit in a room with a picture of themselves hanging right behind them. I'd be creeped-out. Or maybe I've watched too many horror movies with mirrors in them?

Interesting post by Sonja Barry Ramoi of Sam Basil's questions to the PM - have you seen those KJ?

I did see them, Michael. I think those questions are in very good hands with Sam - KJ

Adelaide Dupont

Well, Tim Flannery says that West Papuans are Melanesians.

(This is the book which was dedicated to the miners, which I read on Saturday).

West Papuans are Melanesian, Gary Juffa was being playful - KJ

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