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Letter from the Solomons: rehabilitation & reconstruction

Togoniade Mervin prepares drum oven for weldingFR AMBROSE PEREIRA SDB

THE floodwaters have left a trail of destruction. Lives and property have been lost. Most of the disaster victims have returned to rebuild their homes and their lives.

We applaud the efforts of the authorities and the aid agencies to reach out to the disaster victims, to see that they are housed and fed and finally returned home with food, household and other necessary equipment.

To assist the people as they rebuild their lives, the Salesians of Don Bosco, through Salesian Missions Australia, have funded household items. Drum ovens, tables and chairs will be fabricated for the most needy families.

The machine fitting students have commenced fabricating drum ovens. Priced at SBD1,500 the ovens will be for the families in the Foxwood and Nalibiu area. The carpentry students will be preparing tables and chairs for the Tumurora Primary School.

While rehabilitation goes on, long term solutions to deal with disasters - natural or manmade - needs to be worked out. More important, the task of reconstruction needs forward planning and committed action over the months and the years ahead.

Without doubt, education plays an important part in the ability to assist and deal with difficulties and disasters. It is also important that infrastructure specifications be made clear and that building codes be strictly adhered to and followed.

We are grateful to all who have assisted in several ways to ensure that those affected are able to deal amicably with the situation.

This is Fr Ambrose‚Äôs final report from the Solomons as he has just been transferred to PNG. We thank him for his communications on the disastrous Guadalcanal  floods


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Laurence Quinlivan

Look forward to reports from Fr Ambrose out of PNG. Where in PNG will he be located?

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