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DWU students mourn their beloved sister, Christel Harricknen

DWU community views Christel's bodyISHMAEL PALIPAL

IT is another challenging time for Bougainville students and the Divine Word University community after the passing of Christel Harricknen, a Physiotherapy Year 1 student from mixed parentage of Bougainville and Sepik.

Christel died at Modilon general hospital on Wednesday – a tragedy for one so young.

Christel was reported to have died from heart failure after been hospitalised on the previous Thursday with what was thought was food poisoning. The heart problem was identified on Sunday.

Her brother told the funeral mass yesterday that Christel had developed a heart problem when she was seven. But she was always smiling like she was okay. Tears fill my eyes when I remember the smile she wore around the school.

DWU Bougainville students are deeply troubled by her passing because she was one of them, a friend and a sister and they deeply mourn for her. However they wish her family God’s guidance, comfort and blessing.

“Rest in peace our beloved beautiful sister,” said DWU Bougainville students during the haus krai last night. “We will treasure every moment you spent with us and we are thankful for God and your family for the gift of you. We love you Christel, rest in peace now.”

The students also gave a small contribution of money as a gift to her family.

Christel’s father thanked the DWU community for the funeral mass but he said he was not happy about the condition of the health services.

“My daughter is now one of those hundreds that are dying around the country because of the low standard of the health services,” he said.

“My daughter could not have left us like this if only PNG has improved its health service.”

The whole DWU community mourned for Christel for the last time in the chapel yesterday during the viewing of her body and in the haus krai last night. Today her body will travel to Port Moresby and later her family will decide her final resting place.

May her soul rest in peace.


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