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From the Kundiawa News - 50 years ago today

Cec Schulz KN Issue 7KEITH JACKSON

THE seventh issue of the Kundiawa News was published on 15 May 1964, with 49 copies on sale. For the first time the newsletter carried a substantial amount of hard news and began to take on a character that would prevail for the rest of its 50 issues: news; humour; creative writing; social gossip and sport. The reportage lacks polish, revealing my inexperience. (At the time I was trying to make good on this by studying journalism by correspondence through a technical college in Western Australia.) The cartoon by Aldo (Alan Slack) featured Administration mechanic, Cec Schulz, who, stubby in hand, bore the brunt of continuing complaint about the state of repair of motor vehicles.


Last Wednesday the Co-operative's Ford left the road and rolled three times near Kogi. Nobody was seriously hurt. Driven by well-known footballer Terry Shelley, the vehicle was carrying a load of coffee when it struck an unreported landslip. It spun off the greasy road, rolling three times in 30 feet before settling at the bottom of a gully.

Two men on the back were thrown off and oen man in the cabin was thrown out of the window. Shelley was the only one injured, suffering a lacerated skull. The truck was driven out of the gully after a hastily built track was constructed, and continues on its coffee-buying mission. Its body is extensively damaged and it has a twisted chassis.


The death sentence was recorded against two men during the sitting of the High Court under Sir Alan Mann which ended in Kundiawa last Saturday. A woman who killed her baby was placed on a 10 month bond as she had already served seven months in gaol for the infanticide.

The accused in the attempted axe murder was sentenced to 18 months gaol after some doubt had arisen as to whether he intended to kill or merely injure the victim of the assault. Prosecution counsel was Mr G Dabb. Defence counsel were Messrs J Cruikshank and J Lee.


A tractor, trailer and concrete mixer were sent crashing to the bed of a creek on the night of Thursday 7th when a bridge they were crossing collapsed beneath them. The accident occurred on the Gumine road. The driver suffered from shock but no one was injured.


A record 58 persons have enrolled for the Adult English Classes being held at Gon twice a week. An average attendance of 40 would no doubt be increased if the Chimbu Native Club was made available for students. After all it is their Club.

Em tasol KN7Reports from the Classes say that almost invariably the students can absorb what is taught to them. Doubts as to the success of the Classes would now appear to be dispersed.


Primary A School teacher Keith Jackson has been appointed the Chimbu correspondent of the ABC. The sub-district being one of the most thickly populated areas of the Territory, it seems high time that we should receive some national recognition of our existence. This must be another step up the ladder of development in our area.


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Philip Fitzpatrick

Terry's experience with the Ford brought back a few memories.

I recall going round a sharp turn on a road outside Mt Hagen in 1968 in a Mini-Moke and discovering too late that the steering wheel wasn't responding.

I went straight ahead into a barat and ended up sitting in the back seat, mostly unscathed. Seems the Moke's steering wheel depended upon a single nut at the base of the column that had worked lose.

On another occasion I was crossing a bridge in one of those big military-look Izuzu 6x6 trucks with a water tank on the back full of trout fingerlings when the bridge collapsed.

Everyone on the back jumped clear while I rode the beast into the creek, again coming out largely unscathed.

The fingerlings all escaped and people tell me you can still catch brown trout in that creek.

Vehicle prangs were the poor cousins to the hair-raising escapades in aeroplanes but at the time just as frightening.

Michael Dom

I am really enjoying these old news stories - experienced writing or not, they hold the truth of the tale in them.

A more experienced journalist may not have seen the value of reporting these happenings.

Tisa Keith Jackson, you've been batting for 'national recognition' of one worthy PNG agenda or another for a long time now.

We'll definitely have to bestow you with a title - Grand PukPuk.

(That's the second time I've made that suggestion. Do I have a seconder?)

Happy to stick with the nomination. Attaining the next step sounds like work - KJ

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