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Tragedy of the Papuan Wonderland


An entry in The Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

If we can give a smile to an old lady
From the far ends of the tribes of Hela
We have done something.....

From the misty gateways of Margarima
to the ever green gorges of Mula Ranges
Gazing over the mighty meander of River Awaya
Where the sun emits its last rays before it sets beyond the horizons.
Looked back and thought the solar system fails by another sun rising from the east, but it was the reflection of the sparkling peak of the great prophetic Mt Tundaka
Was shocked as if a dog was staring at me

But it was the pointed ears of Mt Haliako and Mt Junari
Closing had been watching over the glistering edges of Gigira Range for centuries
Silently loses their farewell tears as River Tubi and Tuliya,

As laitebo is slowly migrating away,
Looking north and got sparkled by the sparkling gold nuggets of Mt Bee,

Mt Pakapua and Mt kare, was hungry but got my tammy filled when I witness the evergreen fertile Valley of Hulia Basin,
Which has a higher probability to replenish the entire population with prolific harvest regardless of time and space.

Lazily roll over the range of Yalihoko,
Slides through the home of Noko Iba, and enter the volcanic peak of Mt Bosavi floating on the sea of oil.
My heart engulf with joy,

My mind evolved with curiosity
But my strength needs some energy…….

“She was there
Before I was there
She fed me but I didn’t feed her
She becomes thinner
I remain same
They become huge
She knows what can be done
But she cannot say how to do it
I know how to do it
But I cannot do it
Because “they” are huge
I was wrong
Should have given a portion
But gave it all….”

Hela Abu Awira Kaiabe is a young writer from Hela Province. He is currently writing a novel based on the Hela people, their land, culture and genealogy. This is a poem from his novel


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Daniel Kumbon

This is great writing young man. Our culture is rich. Keep writing. I missed this for I only stumbled across PNG Attitude and the Crocodile Prize in 2015.

Keep it up

Andy Thomas | DDC Igiri

Thank you Hela Kaiabe. Hela was a student at PNG University of Technology taking Mineral Processing Engineering. Graduated with flying colours.

He is one of Hela's upcoming leaders. His father Abu Awira Kaiabe named him after our province while fighting to gain a separate province which he won and is now a province.

Again, thank you Hela Kaiabe - well spoken: "Was hungry but got my tammy filled when I saw the evergreen fertile valley of Hulia Basin".

DaGro Dennehy

I acknowledge Hela... and we need more writers

Benedict Koi

Thanks bro Hela. I appreciate this. I am from Tundaka and appreciate for you having mentioned this historic site.

Kelly Kep

Yossi, am from Tundaka. I would like to know how much of the story you already know. Mr Kaiabe, keep going.

Yossi Meiri

Hi Hela Abu Awira Kaiabe - I like what you write. I visit several times the Tundaka cave and Mt Tundaka and I know the story about this place (I'm from Israel) and it is a great story. I followed the story to Dauli, Komo and Pureni.

If you can tell me more it will be great for me.

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