Patience has its Limits
Most commented upon & most liked in May’s PNG Attitude

A journey of pleasure and regret


An entry in The Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

I should have listened to mom
I should have taken her word seriously
I should have known what awaited me in that short journey

I guess I shouldn’t blame him for all that happened
I think we both agreed without considering the consequences
I hope he doesn’t desert me now that I carry his seed

I remember it was on that Friday night four months ago
I remember he told me everything was gonna be okay
I remember nodding my approval shyly in response

I felt whole after that first meeting
I felt like a woman when he held me in his arms
I though he was the only thing that matters in the world

I look back and they’re all gone
My innocence and the youthful days
My beautiful figure and that proud smile

I look back and they’re all gone
That ‘mom-and-daughter’ strong bond
And that sense of oneness

I look ahead and see the challenges of motherhood waiting
My dreams shattered and the future stolen
Mom pitifully welcomed me into the world of adults

I look ahead and there lies the boredom
My eyes are closed but the heart beats
Here I am, a soon-to-be mom

If ever he leaves how do I go through this alone?
If he leaves will I ever see him again?
If he leaves should I tell the kid all that happened?


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