Outpouring of public support for PNG corruption fighter Sam Koim
Sad Silence

Horrified to see such betrayal says PNG Transparency head

Lawrenec StephensFREDDY MOU | PNG Loop

TRANSPARENCY International PNG is calling on all constitutional office holders to maintain the independence of their offices and to discharge their responsibilities in upholding and enforcing the law without fear or favour.

In a statement today TIPNG Chairman Lawrence Stephens (pictured) says the Community Coalition Against Corruption (CCAC) will be meeting tomorrow to discuss the issues happening with the Government and others.

“Task Force Sweep was created by government in 2012 to investigate grand corruption in the Department of National Planning and Monitoring.”

“As a consequence, senior lawyers, public officials and senior politicians were implicated” Stephens said.

“The paper trail has now led to the top politician – the Prime Minister. Now that top politician has disbanded Task Force Sweep. This is like a disgruntled player sacking the referee and changing the rules.

“It is times like this the people look to our institutions for integrity in decision making. This requires those at the helm of these organizations to demonstrate leadership of the highest calibre,” he said.

Stephens said the CCAC is meeting because of the people’s concerns about changes which disempower their integrity institutions – most prominently, the parliament.

“I personally feel horrified and disgusted to see such betrayal of the principles and the oaths made before God and the people.”


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David Kasei Wapar

I would like to think that the line "a disgruntled player sacking the referee and changing the rules" best suits our PM at this point in time!

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