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Unitech students will protest against O’Neill government


UNIVERSITY of Technology students will take a stand against the national government by staging a mass public protest in Lae this week.

Unitech Student Representative Council president Eddie Nagual (pictured) says he and his fellow students are ready to carry out public awareness to encourage for public participation.

“We want to move Lae city to get them to understand that what’s happening now in parliament is setting a bad precedent,” Mr Nagual said.

He said the Unitech student body is totally against the government and believes prime minister Peter O’Neill is going beyond the limit.

“We respect the legal court processes and decisions and are calling on PM O’Neill to follow process and clear his name to prove his innocence,” Mr Nagual said.

“The actions undertaken are definitely not in the best interests of the people” he added.

At the weekend, Mr Nagual travelled to the University of Goroka to meet with fellow student leaders to decide a course of action for the National Students Union.


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Michael Dom

While citizens of Papua New Guinea may be justified to stand in protest of the actions of their Prime Minister, supported by his government majority, it would be a far more valuable outcome if we were to recall this blatant disregard for due process and justice and the un-leaderlike behaviour of all the politicians involved in this national fiasco at the most opportune moment - when we step up to the ballot box in 2017.

My question to the protest organisers remains the same - what happens after the dust has settled from this chaos?

There's more I would like to say about this issue, but politics of this kind is not my cup of tea.

I am a research scientist and my sole agenda with the farcical PNG politics is that it prevents, perverts and penalises the good work that my employing organisation, and several others, can accomplish for the benefit of 7.1 million Papua New Guineans and our uncounted future citizens.

There is so much good work to do and a much better national welfare to be gained by PNG if our politicians would simply stop their stupidity and really start to think about their country and its future.

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