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100 of the best as Jimmy Drekore’s bush poetry is published


A Bush Poet’s Poetical Blossom by Jimmy Drekore, Pukpuk Publishing, 2014. Soon available on Amazon. $US10 (also in ebook). ISBN-13 978-1500596064. ISBN-10 150059606X

THE poetry of Jimmy Drekore will be familiar to the readers of PNG Attitude, the annual Crocodile Prize Anthology and the Simbu Children Foundation newsletters.

Jimmy won the prize for poetry in the Crocodile Prize in 2011 and his poems have appeared in all the subsequent editions of the Anthology, including this year’s which will be launched on 18 September.

He is one of several talented writers who have emerged from Simbu Province in recent years, which makes one wonder why those high mountains produce so many fine writers.

There is a clue in Jimmy’s poems. They have an earthiness, an honesty and a lack of pretension that is very attractive.

Jimmy refers to himself as a bush poet and this description encapsulates those elements nicely. He also has a kind heart and this also shows through in his writing.

Now, in A Bush Poet’s Poetical Blossom, Jimmy has assembled 100 of his poems into one delightful volume.

This collection should be read leisurely and without haste so as to savour each poem to the full.

“It’s my first publication and I'm all excited,” Jimmy told me yesterday. “I never thought I would ever write a book and this will be one of the greatest moments of my life.”

The book – in both hard copy and ebook – will be available from Amazon in a couple of days’ time. Meanwhile, here’s a poem from the collection:

I am your angel

If I can fly
If I can touch the sky
I’ll tell the clouds
To wash away your pain

If I can fly
If I can touch the sky
I’ll tell the wind
To blow away your sorrow

If I can fly
If I can touch the sky
I’ll tell the rainbow
To wipe away your tears

If I can fly
If I can touch the sky
I’ll tell the stars
To light up your world

If I can fly
If I can touch the sky
I’ll give you my wings
So you know I’m your angel


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Jimmy Drekore

Thank you all for your sweet compliments. I am humbled and at the same time wish to thank Keith and Phil for the brilliant initiative, the Crocodile Prize, that has unearthed some of PNG's best authors and poets.

PNG - we have an assignment to get the whole nation to be interested in reading and writing and the Crocodile Prize is the greatest motivator.

Simbu has started the Simbu Writers Association in line with this motivational drive especially to get students aligned and interested.

Let's see which other provinces will follow suit.

John Kaupa Kamasua

Jimmy is one of a kind. I have to say this that Simbu is lucky to have him. Those of us from a distance stand in awe at the unique creative force who is churning out one inspiration after the other.

Laurence Quinlivan

A fine example of an "elder" teaching by example. Congratulations Jimmy. I hope teachers use the book to encourage students.

Arnold Mundua

Yawagle! Ana-magraaaaa...

Congratulations Jimmy...wakai we.

Leonard Roka

Great job Mr. Bushman.

The Simbu mountains are singing and I can feel it.

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin

Kera, congratulations on the publication of your well oiled poems. This can raise the work of SWA up there. Wakai wo!

David Kasei Wapar

Congratulations Jimmy!

Indeed your work inspires those like myself who just set foot on the scene.

Marie-Rose Sau

Congrats Bush Poet.

Jimmy Awagl

Congratulations! Name, you put SWA on the chart. Ku high school is happy to facilitate the launching of your book! Chipu wakai weh!

Jeff Febi

Congratulations brother Jimmy.

Bomai D Witne

Akra Jimmy, your creativity, time and commitment behind the curtains has now come to fore in a big way in a form of a book. Congratulations!

Michael Dom

Well done Jimmy and congratulations!

Look forward to getting myself a coffee.

Robin Lillicrapp

Another milestone in the publication of creative writing from the Simbu. Well done, Jimmy.

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