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A proud Papua New Guinean

Bird of ParadiseKERRY LINA

If I was a bird of paradise
I would rise up to the sun
Fly above the tree tops where other birds would see me
I would show off my beautiful feathers
I would dance and show off my beautiful colours
I would tell them
I am more beautiful than them

When evening falls,
I would fly down to where humans dwell
And land on the flag pole
Where the Papua New Guinea flag is flying
We would dance together to the rhythm of the wind
And show off our beauty
To tell the nations

We should all live in peace and harmony
When dusk falls
I would fly towards the setting sun
Spread my wings across the golden rays
I would sing in the lowest voice
The national anthem of Papua New Guinea

To tell the world
I am a proud Papua New Guinean


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Jimmy Awagl

Lina - Well said. This is a terrific exposure of how the Kumul gives the identity of PNG on our flag.

The fourth stanza of this narrative poem gives a remarkable view of PNG in a broader perspective.

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