A simple word at the right time – and something good happens
Move over, big momma



Books  ... books!
You are my friends
You talk to me

You make me happy
You make me sad … 
And you make me angry too

Books … books!
You are my friends
I love you

Sometimes you become my enemies
I hate you … 
And I curse you too

Books … books!
You take me to strangers
You fly me to faraway lands

You take me to the highest peaks
You take me to the deepest places …
And you make me discover the unknown

Books … books!
You make me think
You make me act
You make me rich

You make me be somebody
I shall never leave you
Books … books!

Essy Joyce is 19 years old and a Grade 9 student at Ku High School in Simbu Province


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Jimmy Awagl

Congrats Joyce. Your simple poem on books will make an impact in the anthology for children.

You are the only high school student from Simbu to contribute from the secondary schools through the effort of Simbu Writers Association.

This would encourage you to write a lot of poems and short stories. Well done!

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