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Bougainvillean students harassed at Divine Word University

Peter Karatapi (right), Gideon Davika (centre) with Arawa friend (Leonard Roka)LEONARD FONG ROKA

THREE Bougainvillean students have been attacked by drunken fellow students from elsewhere in Papua New Guinea while inspecting building works for a new university campus supermarket.

The two drunkards aggressively demanded a handshake but, when first year Accounting student Gideon Davika giggled, violence erupted.

“Why yu lap? (Why are you laughing?),” one of the drunkards said to Davika.

Then his mate unexpectedly punched Peter Karatapi, a contributing writer to the Bougainville 24 website, also an Accounting student.

The Bougainvilleans retaliated, outmuscling their attackers until other students intervened and stopped the brawl.

The two Bougainvilleans, having a first time experience away from their island, said they were shocked by the rogue behaviour.

“I don’t know where the DWU teaching of ethics ends up in these kind of students who booze and display their strength,” Karatapi said.

“I glean a lot from these [ethics] lessons and try to enhance what my parents educate me with back in the trouble-torn Bougainville.”

Last month a second year student from Malasang on Buka Island was harassed by another student in his room but the Buka student took him down.

Later the harasser returned while the Buka student was out of his room and destroyed property including a computer keyboard.

With this incident in mind Gideon Davika says he finds it hard being away from Bougainville.

“We never do these barbaric acts on their people wandering about in Bougainville,” Davika said, “but here we are becoming victims.

“They’ll never fix their country with such unethical behaviour. I need to complete my schooling and return home where people have manners.”

Both attacked students and a mate from Arawa who was with them remain shocked by what happened. 


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Arnold Mundua

I thought DWU was the best, most advanced and disciplined university in the country. I must be wrong.

Michael Dom

Interesting that we refer to incidents of alcohol related vandalism, harassment, abuse and violent crime ad being perpetrated by a 'minority' in our communities.

But these incidents are all too regular, unreported or policed, either at community level or by police and courts.

Perhaps this minority act of unnecessary violence is a true picture of PNG communities, and in particular the male population.

We raise our voices in condemnation here, but won't achieve anything practical otherwise.

Those so called hooligans should be thrown in jail to sober up, in more ways than one, for a few days.

I've allowed my siblings and juniors to cool off in jail after that kind of behaviour. Even followed them to court.

DWU has no jurisdiction over the case when someone has been victimised. The perpetrators should not be shielded from the law - just like our PM is trying to do.

Peter Pirape Anage

Very, very ashamed and frustrated at those hooligans and drunkards. DWU should terminate them immediately.

I have been in and out of AROB every now and then and I must say Bougainvilleans are the most down to earth and kindest people with good manners.

To the good Bougainvilleans, please consider those idiots for who they are - hooligans and drunkards and nothing more. Black Orchid! Much Love!

Quentin Talingapua

Those students responsible with that unethical act should be punished by the school administration, they should be reported at once.

This attitude is only done by minorities which paint a bad image of the student body and the university as a whole.

The SRC should not sit back and watch this drama but do something about this ongoing issue for the good of everybody.

Zenaleze Abage

This is not just for Bougainvilleans on campus that are harassed by students under the influence of booze. It also happens to the female community on campus that such actions take place but never dealt with accordingly. It's best to report the matter.

David Kasei Wapar

Thank you Leonard.
Guess I can see where you're coming from.

Michael Dom

Full support bata Fong. For my part, I believe most of us Simbus are with you.

Leonard Roka

Wapar - Part of it or not, this generation of Bougainvilleans want Bougainville out of PNG. And these are not just my words, though I use them a lot.

David Kasei Wapar

Thank you Leonard for bringing this to light.

However I would like to think that the quoted text; "They’ll never fix their country with such unethical behavior" is quite discriminatory. Isn't Bougainville still part of PNG?

Bernard Sinai

They should take up the matter with the university administration. I believe DWU has strong policies against the use of alcohol.

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