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Busy afternoon at the station as Parakagate approaches climax

Sam Koim & Thomas Eluh at Boroko police stationKEITH JACKSON

IT turned into a big Friday afternoon down at the Boroko Police Station in Port Moresby.

First, at two o’clock, believing themselves to be under imminent threat of arrest, Task Force Sweep director Sam Koim, reinstated by the courts, and suspended Fraud Squad investigator Thomas Eluh voluntarily turned themselves in (picture).

At 1.30 pm, Koim had used Facebook to broadcast his intentions:

“Information being circulated since this morning is that certain policemen want to arrest Messrs Gitua, Damaru, Eluh and Koim for certain charges (unbeknown to all of us).

“Despite court restraining orders in place, it seems these people will not stop at nothing. The only way to show them true observance of the rule of law is for both of us to voluntarily make ourselves surrender to whatever it’s worth. God Help PNG!’’


After questioning, the men were allowed to leave and resume their lives without charge.

Paul ParakaAt around the same time, also at Boroko Police Station, Paul Paraka (left), the colourful boss of the law firm that bears his name, was arrested and charged by the Fraud and Anti-Corruption Squad.

The charges reportedly relate to Paraka Lawyers allegedly receiving K162 million through fraudulent means.

It seems that Paraka was charged with stealing by false pretence, conspiracy to defraud the State, money laundering and misappropriation of public funds. He was later released on bail to appear at the Waigani committal court tomorrow.

The Director of Fraud and Anti-Corruption, Mathew Damaru, told the media there are more people expected to be arrested and charged.

One of these is anticipated to be a prominent Eastern Highlands identity known as the 'Chief Briefcase Carrier' who allegedly collected the cheques and distributed the proceeds to beneficiaries.


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Obed Ikupu

Seriously, I very much believe that most of these monies are in overseas investments, especially property.

Lindsay F Bond

Admiration builds around those who justly evidence their observance of the rule of law.

Jimmy Awagl

It's a disgrace to see a prominent lawyer with K162 million belonging to the state. What a shame in being a prominent person defrauding the state as a white collar crime.

Robin Lillicrapp

It would be hoped that the Australian Federal police would be fully briefed concerning the paper trail of monies possibly "laundered" through Aussie banks so as to be ready to expropriate and repatriate or discover related properties and investments.

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