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Creative Nation 4: Writers of the 2014 Crocodile Prize, H - I


THE Crocodile Prize reaches it culmination each year in the period around Papua New Guinea’s independence day, 16 September.

This year marks the 39th year of PNG’s political independence from Australia and the fourth year of the national literary awards, which will be held at the Australian High Commission on Thursday 18 September.

This seems like an opportune moment to pay tribute to the past winners of the Prize – and many of their names will be familiar to you as they are still writing the words that are helping build and strengthen the literary culture of PNG.

2011 Prize

Short Story – Jeffrey Mane Febi
Poetry – Jimmy Drekore
Essay – Martyn Awayang Namorong
Women’s Literature – Lapieh Landu

2012 Prize

Short Story – Charlotte Vada
Poetry – Michael Dom
Essay – Emma Wakpi
Women’s Literature – Imelda Yabara
Heritage Literature – Lorraine Basse
Student Writing – Angeline Low
Lifetime Contribution to Literature – Russell Soaba

2013 Prize

Short Story – Leonard Fong Roka
Poetry – Lapieh Landu
Essay – Francis Sina Nii

We will begin to announce this year’s winners in PNG Attitude from Sunday 3 August.


Hezron Wangi Jr, 20, from Morobe Province, says he doesn’t know whether he’s a good writer or not and elaves the judgement to the readers.

Creation: Where she is

Hinuvi Onafimo, 32, from Goroka, Eastern Highlands, is a graphic artist who loves to write during his free time.

Creation: The old sibuta

Hogande Kiafuli, 29, comes from the Lufa District of Eastern Highlands Province and is a medical officer who lives and works in Goroka. He writes occasionally and maintains a blog.  He says that writing is more than a hobby.  Hogande believes writing is a habit in which the creativities of the mind are inked onto pages.  He also thinks anyone can write, although only the smart ones write well.

Creation: A hero of true love

Ilangin Sangkol, 34, is from Port Moresby and is employed by the Bank of PNG as a statistical officer. While heavily into numbers, she believes in the power of words. Ilangin is married and has one son about whom she wrote his poem. She bases all her poems and stories on real events and situations.

Creation: What just happened?

Imelda Griffin, 37, was born in Port Moresby and is a single parent currently studying at the University of Queensland. She started writing poetry at the age of 14. Imelda enjoys reading autobiographies and is currently exploring the idea of taking her poetry into spoken performance by collaborating with other creative art forms such as music, drama and painting.

Creation: Pona

Imelda Yabara was born in Port Moresby and lives in Madang. Her partner is a magistrate whom she follows around the country. She has been writing since high school and says she wrote to escape, understand, rage against and cope. Imelda has the urge to write novels and has started six so far and hopes to finish one some day. She is the mother of two girls and has a blog at [email protected] where she publishes her work.

Creation: Why my paintings are black & grey

Iriani Wanma, 24, comes from Central Province (Kairuku) and West Papuan parentage. She is currently an unemployed health science graduate who moved to Brisbane with her family in 2004 and has lived there since. Her interests include reading, gardening, cooking, arts and craft and Pacific Island culture.

Creation: The story of Oa grasshopper & Kaipa caterpillar

Ishmael Palipal, 21, is from Karubita, Central Bougainville, and he’s in third year at Divine Word University doing a Bachelor of Arts degree. He loves to read and writeand is a regular contributor to Bougainville 24 and PNG Attitude.

Creation: Bougainville’s beautiful clay pots are fading away

Ivy Martina Karue, 21, is from Port Moresby and says she has an awesome family all of whom have contributed to her love for reading. She has always loved the way writers paint pictures with words and says poetry is her release. Many of her poems are about the idea of love and the love she aspires to one day have.

Creation: Soul speak


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