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Brown Collar Crime

Creative Nation 6: Writers of the 2014 Crocodile Prize, K - M


DURING the course of this week, I will be sending letters to the seven Papua New Guinean writers who have won the various awards in this year’s Crocodile Prize.

And next week, beginning Sunday, we will reveal the names of these people to our readers as well as the works for which they were nominated and which the judges found so compelling.

The awards will be presented at a ceremony at the Australian High Commission on Thursday 18 September and it is the hope of the Crocodile Prize Organising Committee, COG, that all winners will be present on that night.

At the same event, the Crocodile Prize Anthology 2014, all 500 pages of it, will be launched and simultaneously made available for purchase on Amazon in both hard copy and e-book editions.

Production of the Anthology has been made possible as the result of the generous sponsorship of the Papua New Guinea Association of Australia.

In today’s Creative Nation, we provide profiles of another grpup of writers along with links to examples of their work.


Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin, 40, was born in the Galkope area in the Simbu Province. He studied to become a Catholic priest but quit shortly after completing his philosophical studies to attend the University of PNG where he completed a BA majoring in social development and anthropology. He is a Senior Policy Analyst at the National AIDS Council Secretariat in Port Moresby but is currently undertaking further tertiary studies in policy and governance at the Australian National University in Canberra. His work has appeared in all the Crocodile Prize anthologies.  He is the author of The Flight of Galkope, published by Crawford House. Sil is a member of the Crocodile Prize organising Group.

Creation: The cunning Simbu human Lumbricus terrestris: a new culture

Kerry Lina is 19 years old and a Grade 9 student at Ku High School in Simbu.

Creation: A proud Papua New Guinean

Lapieh Landu was born in Port Moresby of mixed Eastern Highlands, Milne Bay and Sandaun parentage.  She completed an Arts degree at Divine Word University majoring in international relations.  Lapieh is someone who realises the need for culture and traditions to be captured and maintained through writing but also its importance in today’s technological society.  She was the inaugural winner of the 2011 Crocodile Prize for Women’s Literature.

Creation: Impaired

Leonard Fong Roka, 34, aka Captain Bougainville, was born in Arawa and grew up in the Panguna District during the years of the Bougainville crisis.  He began writing poetry as a student at Arawa High School and has recently published a collection of short stories, Moments in Bougainville, and poetry, The Pomeng U’tau of Dreams, as well as his memoir of the civil war, Brokenville. Leonard is in his final year as a student at Divine Word University. He won the Crocodile Prize for short stories in 2013. He is a member of the Crocodile Prize Organising Group.

Creation: Brinkmanship & self interest by Momis’s Bougainville opponents

Leonie Tamaning Baptiste, 30, is from Tamigidu village, Morobe Province, and lectures in the Department of PNG Studies & International relations at Divine Word University in Madang. She says expressing oneself in poetry is a celebration of happiness and a way of coping with pain, anger and heartache.

Creation: If only...

Lina Landu Siwi, 19, is from Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, and has recently arrived in China to study Medicine. Her experiences in adjusting to a new environment have inspired her to write.

Creation: Today I wake up

Lorraine Basse, 27, works with the Melanesian Institute in Goroka as publications officer, assistant editor and layout and graphic designer. She is originally from from Manam Island in Madang Province. She is the second eldest and the only girl in a family of eight children.

Creation: Mightier than the sword

Mac Dandava, 57, is from Orava Village in Bougainville and is an academic at UPNG, lecturing in mathematics. He is intending to leave UPNG at the end of this year and is looking at literature as a hobby to keep him intellectually stimulated.

Creation: That little plot of land

Marlene Dee Gray Potoura, 44, is from Oria in South Bougainville, being born at born at the Catholic Health Centre in Tabago, Buin. Her mother is half Watabung in the Eastern Highlands and Marlene says she is mightily proud of her highlands heritage. She loves writing stories, has a Bachelor of Education degree and has been a teacher for more than 20 years. Marlene runs a learning centre for children aged 3 to 12. She lives with her two children, Martin and Dahlia and her dog Dudlee. She says she works hard and can’t put up with lazy people.

Creation: Beloved fatherland – a true story of trust & betrayal

Martinez Wasuak. When this piece was written last year Martinez was a Year 4 student in the Department of PNG Studies and International Relations at Divine Word University, Madang.

Creation: On behalf of people faced with unemployment

Martyn Awayang Namorong, 28, was born at Baimuru in the Gulf Province and grew up in a logging camp at Kamusi on the border between Western and Gulf.  His parents come from Madang and Western.  He has run a successful blog, The Namorong Report, for many years.  He won the 2011 Crocodile Prize for essays. He works as a freelance journalist and commentator.

Creation: PNG’s corporate welfare widens gap between rich & poor

Mathias Moya Kin, 47, is from Deri village, Salt Nomane, Karimui, Simbu Province. He trained as a metallurgist and then spent 20 years with the public service, three years with PNG LNG and one year with SPSN (AusAID). He is now a private citizen and lives at Wara Simbu, Kundiawa.

Creation: PNG a victim of flawed nurturing – an historical commentary

Mary Fairio, 31, is from Port Moresby and works for the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission. She has just completed two years study break undertaking a master’s program in political science and has returned to PNG. She is interested in women in politics especially in PNG.

Creation: Bilum hanmak blo ol meri (The bilum is women’s handiwork)

Michael Dom, 36,was born in Port Moresby of Simbu parents, graduated from the University of PNG and is an agricultural scientist with the National Institute of Agricultural Research near Lae. He is completing a masters degree at the University of Adelaide and has been accepted into its PhD program. Michael has developed an international reputation for his poetry which he sees as the collective conscience of people. He is a strong supporter of literature in PNG, a mentor for many young writers and a member of the Crocodile Prize Organising Group. This year he published his first collection of poetry, At Another Crossroads. He has just had poems accepted for publication by the Commonwealth education Trust and by BBC Scotland to mark this year’s Commonwealth Games.

Creation: The political economy of a pig farmer’s life

Michel Mel, 19, is a first year student at UPNG studying science. He is of Western Highlands and East Sepik parentage and grew up in Goroka.

Creation: Nokondi

Michael Geketa, 45, is from Gagan, Buka in Bougainville and a policeman who is currently studying at the University of PNG.

Creation: Shine PNG...


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