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Creative Nation 8: Writers of the 2014 Crocodile Prize, S - T


THIS is the final episode of our eight-part series featuring the entrants to this year’s Crocodile Prize and examples of their writing.

On Sunday we begin an exciting week when we announce – one each day – the winners of the 2014 Awards.

In the decades following the great burgeoning of Papua New Guinean creativity that accompanied the years around independence in 1975, creative literature did not quite go into hiding but, largely unencouraged and unrecognised, certainly entered a fallow period.

Since the advent of the Crocodile Prize in 2010 (the first awards being made in 2011), creative writing has experienced something of a resurgence.

Bringing together capable administrators, generous and far-sighted sponsors and, of course, talented writers motivated by readers, recognition and the possibilities of reward, has resulted in a contest and its spin-off activities, especially the annual Anthology, which are making a major contribution to modern day PNG culture.


Sharina Paliou, 17, was born in Wewak in East Sepik Province. She is a student at Coronation College in Lae. Her ambition is to be a writer and she enjoys life to the fullest

Creation: What lies beneath the deep waters of the forbidden lake

Sione Fa’afasimeni Atahu, 22, is from the Mortlock Islands of Bougainville, which his poem is about. He is the third born in a family of five and his hobbies include cooking, reading and travel.

Creation: My island home

Sioni Ruma is a development associate with the provincial and local-level governments program.

Creation (2012): Humour – good for the soul, good for the wallet

Siwin Miami is a Grade 10 student at Ku High School, Simbu.

Creation: Floating on the Erap River

Sonja Barry Ramoi is a political activist and writer. She was educated at Hibiscus High School in Wewak and she and her husband Gabriel are well known traders of vanilla beans and long-term residents of Wewak.

Creation: Prisoners seek to assist reform in prison system

Stacey Nahi Tarura, 24, was born in Port Moresby and is attending the Pacific Adventist University in her final year of History, English and Fine Art. She says she loves drawing, painting, pottery and ceramics and I has a passion for studying history in all its perspectives.

Creation: Colours of the heart divine

Stephanie Aisi, 24, is from Misima Island, Milne Bay Province, and graduated from Divine Word University with a Bachelor in Arts in 2013. Her favourite thing about books is that you get to go places, meet people and walk in shoes never before imagined. That to Stephanie is magic.

Creation: I am a woman

Steven Hulamari Ilave Snr, 56, was born in Kikori, Gulf Province.  His family comes from Ihu on the coast to the east. He is married to Annie and has eight children. He studied at UPNG and in the UK and is a development economist by profession. His inspiration to write comes from two prominent Gulf Province men: Albert Maori Kiki and Vincent Eri. In addition to poetry, he writes songs and has started work on his first book.

Creation: Hey, I prefer my kwila trees & rainforest...

Tanya Zeriga Alone, 37, was born in Kainantu in the Eastern Highlands. She likes to read and research history and doesn‘t like talking much unless she has something to contribute. Tanya hopes to continue improving her written communication skills so she can tell compelling stories of the world the way she sees it to bring about positive change.

Creation: Can the Melanesian way guarantee a good life?

Terence Ako, 24, comes from Kiunga in the Western Province. He is a third year PNG Studies & International Relations student at Divine Word University. His dad is an accountant while his late mum was a nurse specialising in midwifery. In my spare time, Terence cooks, reads, writes poetry and lyrics and listens to music.

Creation: Customary marriage protocols in the Aekyom & Gogodala tribes

Timothy Pirinduo, 40, is from Wewak in the East Sepik. He is a human resource management professional. He says when he doesn’t write, he feels sick. One of his ultimate goals is to author 50 books before he dies and own a publishing company. Timothy intends to set up a HRM magazine in the near future.

Creation: Taking a different look at corruption: bribery or luksave

Tom Kaupa, 13, from Gumine in Simbu is in Grade 7 at Gon-Kambua Primary School. He wants to be a writer.

Creation: A scary dream

Tracey Terry, 29, is from Mt Hagen in the Western Highlands. She says she  literally personifies ‘you don’t judge a book by its cover’ and is a proud sole parent.

Creation: Road to completion


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Michael Dom

Congratulations on a long list of writers & poets.

The Crocodile Prize is going from strength to strength.

COG members should take pride and pleasure of this achievement. We look forward to a rewarding workshop & awards in September.

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