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Floating on the Erap River

River Simbu provinceSIWIN MIAMI

IT was bright and sunny in the middle of the day when the boys and I decided to float down the Erap River on our car tube.

We got the tube and followed the river up to Erap Bridge on the Highlands Highway.

Then we followed it further to a village called Kasuka at the junction of upper Erap and Boana.

Reaching the village, we walked down straight down to the river and prepared our tube to float on it.

There were many stones in the fast flowing river, which we did our best to avoid as we floated along.

Then we bumped into a big stone, which hurt our hands and legs and we lost our grip on the tube.  The river nearly carried it away.

Fortunately we were quick enough to get the tube back.

After this, we did not want to float again so just followed the river down.

We walked slowly along the river bank, our hands and legs paining.

We wanted to float on the tube again but were scared by the many stones and the rough river. 

In future we will float down our own Wara Simbu which flows slowly along without the big stones.


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Peter Kranz

'Floating down the river' reminds me of Errol Flynn floating down Brown River on a sultry afternoon with his Papuan girlfriend.

Tried it once with Rose. But the next day got a nasty stomach bug from swallowing some water, which somewhat destroyed the romance.

Jimmy Awagl

Congrats Siwin - Your narrative brings us to the land of Wopa country featuring Erap and drops us at Simbu.

This is a great comparison between two rivers. However, Wara Simbu now flows like the Sepik River. You need a canoe not a car tube.

I wish one should come and try on a weekend.

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