Panguna, the early days: ‘Geologists, you're trespassers…’
The two types of PNG landowner: the legitimate & the fake

Sew richly - rightly serve


Some few of words
sew rich in fabric-
ations and nations.

Lo, miners delve
through earth and titill-
ating legations.

Too, miners dig
though unearthed is ore
sought less as folk thought.

Though each mine’s due,
less is more poor-
ly, coveters of wealth.

Once minister
meant one whose ethic
is service, not stealth.

Tough ministry
those of ethic not
worth a nation’s wealth.

Do minors still
see roughly little
is wrought, bestowed nought?

Low ministers
seem loads, little use
to populations.

So, will voters
seek fairer distrib-
utions for nation? 


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