Those pre-independence years: Revelling in reminiscences
The philosophy of the ‘sori cup’ – national unity in a bottle


Bundi barkcloth butterfly dancersCAROLINE EVARI

Woven tales and stories of our ancestors
Fearless struggles of warriors long before our time
Boundaries of our land and the law of our inheritance
The many secrets twisted inside

The beliefs of our tribe
And the legends of the dark forests
A unique way but again for protection
Twisted in a loop only to us

Battles fought down generations
Voices of the suppressed
A message of a promising future
Tangled and carved

Songs of victories
Beauty and talents
True cultural identity
Sacredly hidden in one language - tapa


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Caroline Evari

Thank you Jimmy. There is more to the Oro tapa and the designs printed on it. A rare asset to the Oro people and one whose significance is slowly fading away.

Jimmy Awagl

Well expressed! It portrays a vivid image of the 'tapa' culture.

I admire the second stanza where the third line depicts the hyperbole of giving: a deliberate exaggeration on how 'tapa' culture is preserved, promoted and has an impact today.

A great culture of Oro as clearly stipulated.

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