From the Kundiawa News 50 Years Ago: The First House
Is Papua New Guinea truly prepared for the death penalty?

That’s Me


An entry in The Crocodile Prize
Kina Securities Award for Poetry

Hello, my name is Gee
I’m male and a little over twenty-three
I’m dark and slim but not as tall as a tree
From me
A well-groomed body is all you expect to see
My bones are even stronger, maybe
But my well toned muscles will surely give you a key
For me, I love tea!
And would never miss out on a drinking spree
When my favourite show’s on TV
I never miss that spot where I could be
But I would normally have the big screen out and have people to watch for free
So much like in a magnificent 3-D
My neighbours always refer to me, ‘the good man is he’
And that’s me!

I always like to be neat
From my head to my feet
By which I mean being exquisitely clean and neat
Cleanliness is it
I don’t tolerate dirt, and getting rid of it
Is a everyday feat
I brush my teeth
Once after every time I eat
But still pieces of meat
Get quite caught up in between my teeth
And that’s what causes a little heat
However, I don’t let the odour of it defeat
For I resort to fluoride mint
To retaliate it and beat
Please grab a seat
And let me get more at it
For that’s me!

Cleanliness is paramount in my character trait
My dressing is often praised as high class rate
I don’t intend to walk around like a kind of bait
Like some character-ruining blokes might state
Neither am I in for a mistake
I am a statesman and I know how to build up to that faith
Why am I dressed neat and always up to date?
Don’t you get it straight?
I wear my tie all around the place, because I can’t wait
The world has learned to dress up properly and we are late
And I would rather not contradict myself to societal conformity as a reason for my escape
This is what I do and sorry for being harsh mate
But that’s just me!

Another thing I dislike is noise
A lot of people make noise like automated toys
Even so does grandmother Joyce
She has a very rowdy voice
And I usually get disappointed by the gathering of the boys
But when I’m given a peace of mind, I very much rejoice
That’s me!

See, I’m an introvert
And I don’t quite easily convert
At some stage I live indoors like a quiet rat
I’m stuck to the place where I live at
I’m an expert
And I don’t get to show if I’m hurt
Or momentarily display a lot of mirth
I hardly try to get
A lot of attention and so I divert
Any potential wrath
From people who would like to have me in a chat
And this is what makes me a peaceful brat
Hope you understand what I’m trying to get at
And don’t be mistaken to think I’m a vet
Neither am I a diplomat
I’m just an ordinary lad
Who prefers to wear a certain green coloured hat
And chooses fitness and masculinity over growing fat

In my solitude I’ve read
A dozen books I acquired from the net
Now you bet
I’m a book worm nerd
And hate to see books getting wet
A book is like my pet
But yet
I keep getting a new cat
Because my house seems to be haunted by some tricky rats
Always before an open book I’ve sat
It’s no surprise to see me always like that
But I admit I’m no good at math
And sometimes I can act like a prophet
And that’s just me!

Welcome to my ego
This is me looking out the window
Here I go
Staying behind a closed door
I’m named El Gringo
And yet though
I like few of my friends who would call me Amigo
It was ten years ago
Since I received a gaming device called Nintendo
This was brought all the way from Santiago
It had many wonderful games in store
And I had played a dozen times before
While staying indoors
Please allow me to say more
This is me!

I’m an extremist
I’m a right wing activist
This does not mean I’m a bandit
Or I’m trying to be a con artist
I’ve been merely trying to go down the list
Of what it feels like to be an extremist
See extreme people are like beasts
And when they want to feast
They don’t like for you to be in their midst
They live to see it done at least
They persist
And won’t back down or risk
 Until they see their foes cease
Survival of the fittest is not racist
You got to be tough enough to really exist
Otherwise, you are a dead beast
Peace. And again
That’s just me!


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