Lost in transition, maybe – but we are not a hopeless case
Two new books from the guy who was PNG's deputy sheriff

The Feast of Gloom


Break the moon in half
rip down the stars
dine with me in this
half lit gloom

Let’s drink to dejection,
bottoms up,

relax in the ambiance
of hopelessness

be entertained by
the Wails of Misery

let’s hunt
the creature of Gloom
stalk it
chase it
corner it
kill it

Eat up
gorge my friend
let the juices of hope
trickle down our cheeks
SWIPE them away

slurp up sorrow
ahhh sweet sweet despair
snack on despondency

for desert
our favourite bits
lick up
Pity Me
have a bite of
Poor Me
gulp down
Why me
Me, Me and Me


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Robin Lillicrapp

Imelda, after such a gastronomic gargantuum I hope your talents lend themselves to a repast of poetic pleasure drawn from the veins of delight and culinary bliss. Looking forward to the next interesting dinner invite.

Pauline Riman

I love it! Especially the first two lines: “Break the moon in half / Rip down the stars”

Michael Dom

Delicious wit, tasteful writ, and pungent with the aroma of dark humour. I like.

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