Creative Nation 3: Writers of the 2014 Crocodile Prize, E - G
Lest we forget those PNG soldiers who served Australia

The judgement


I sat, with an anticipating look
For there in black and white
He held the names in a book
Of all that won the race

My works, I thought were best
Yet, according to his judgment
Was rated among all the rest
As the least to excel

Oh why! Oh why not me?
I question and beat my fate
This I think cannot be
For I have done not my worst

Yet I know the truth prevails
The judge he knows my works
And that I cannot assail
I take whatever’s bestowed on me

I bow my beaten head
As my rivals receive praise
My feeble self I hold at stead
While their joy swirls around


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Obed Ikupu

Tell me about it ...

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