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The new Papua New Guinea: Where the intimidators drive Toyotas

PNG policemanSAM KOIM

THE white 5-door Toyota LandCruiser (registration BDV653) and the unmarked blue 10-seater camped camping in front of the gate of my home on Friday evening from 7:30pm.

At 11pm, other policemen went there to check out my place, only to find their own colleagues waiting for me to come home.

I was at my office all day, so why did not they go there or ask me to come to the police station.

I am not a common criminal on the run and for what offence are they pursuing me?

I am not guarding myself with 100 plus police personnel.

I am minded to turn up at Boroko Police station and ask them to charge me for whatever they wish according to theses they set.

This is madness and I refuse to be intimidated.

God help these policemen.

Sam Koim is head of the anti-corruption unit Task Force Sweep. The PNG national court has stayed prime minister Peter O’Neill’s attempt to dismiss him and disband his investigative force


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Barbara Short

In the recent PNG national court case concerning Sam Koim, the Presiding judge, Justice Les Gavara-Nanu, pointed out to Mr Varitimos, O'Neill's lawyer, that it was indicated in the document that officers were politically pressured to remove Mr Koim.

O'Neill said Sam Koim's accusation against him were politically compromised. Now Sam Koim is saying "officers were politically pressured" to remove him.

I suggest Peter and Sam call it quits. O'Neill stays and Sam Koim stays but the government must set up an Independent Commission Against Corruption as soon as possible to get to the bottom of the Paraka Lawyers corruption case.

Sam Koim is the one who has done all the investigation. He must be helped back into his position at TFS. But TFS must be replaced with an ICAC as soon as possible.

I suggest Sam Koim be given a role on the ICAC. Then it should be easy to sort out whether O'Neill signed the letter and whether this was a form of corruption or bribery and if he thought the payment was justified or he never signed the letter.

Remember all of these things happened many years back. If we spend too much time worrying about this example of possible corruption we may be missing other types of corruption going on at this very moment.

William Dunlop

Sam - If it's any consolation to you, my very good friend the late Pius Kerapia was so proud of his Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

When he replaced the late Brian Holloway as Commissioner, my wife Melinda was executive secretary to Pius and
Laurie Denman, the head of the Police Department.

Sam, you have the balls to stand up to these ingrained rubbish men, Know that the wheel always turns for tis you and your like that are doing the turning.

I wish you the very best on your journey for justice for Papua New Guinea and the good governance of its citizens.

Terry Shelley

Keep your nerve, Sam, and don't give them an opportunity of any kind. May all the gods go with you.

Albert Schram

I am so sorry Sam, hope things will get better for you soon.

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