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Mathias Kin with the Kundiawa Gembogl 2050 Vision StatementJIMMY AWAGL

AT Kundiawa airport in mid-September an informal session with the an experienced politician and a public servant gave in sights into how Simbu and other PNG politicians perceive non-government organisations.

At 12 noon on the Saturday, I was with former politicians and current public servants as they chatted among themselves on the issue of recognising the difference between the words critique, criticise, comment and condemn.

The hottest debate was between Mathias Kin (pictured) and ex-politician Peter Gul.

Peter Gul was the former Premier of Simbu Province (1984-86). He is the current protocol officer of the Simbu Governor.

He never had a university education but, after , completing Grade 10, he mastered a good command of English. He is said to be a keen learner and ‘a scholar from the streets’.

He highlighted that he was taught without books and what he learned was mainly through living a hard life.

Peter Gul rebutted a comment raised by Mathias Kin on the issue of criticising politicians who did not honour their commitments and promises.

“The provincial government made a commitment to allocate K100,000 for the Simbu Children Foundation annually commencing in 2013,” said Peter Gul.

“However, the declared commitment was misconceived for two years and raised a lot of doubt”, Mathias Kin commented.

“Politicians are only convinced when they see your organisation produce results,” Peter replied. “Politicians draw closer to developments initiated by non-government organisations only upon the achievement of results”.

So it seems any activity of an organisation has a ‘political element’ which will draw political interest and funding only after achieving results without political commitment or funding.

Peter Gul referred to the Simbu Writers Association and Simbu Children Foundation as classic examples.

“Protect your innovation and creativity to sustain it until the government is ready to fund your heroism.”

Early criticism and condemnation of government will create contrary perception among the politicians who will oppose progress and hinder the prime objectives of the organisation.

But provide comments for them so they can see how well both the government and the non-government organisations can unite and walk hand in hand to address humanitarian needs.

“So far the Simbu Children Foundation has been doing extremely well for 10 years now without financial assistance from government so we hope Simbu Writers Association does the same,” Peter Gul commented.

He said these two sisters organisations are steadily and calmly running programs to achieve results for the benefit of Simbu people without assistance from the government and there will come a time for their bigger needs to be assisted, like hosting of 2015 Crocodile Prize in Simbu.

“Come to the government for the first time to ask [for support] since you are quiet but doing big things for Simbu,” Peter Gul said. 


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Mathias Kin

Creating a platform for pollies is a no-go-zone for SWA and SCF!

Jimmy Drekore

Politicians will come and go, our hearts will still be beating and that's the beat of survival not the political chair.

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