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Assistance required to complete a history of the Simbu


PAPUA New Guinean writer Mathias Kin (pictured) has been doing fine work researching the history of the Simbu people, especially the impacts of the Australian colonial administration on that beguiling highlands province.

A recent article based on some of Mathias’s work, The sad story of Golen Keri massacre, led to a fascinating debate in PNG Attitude last month and he hopes that by the end of this year, his book on Simbu history will be close to publication.

Now Mathias was reluctant to allow me to write this, but he has a serious problem raising funds – he needs about K4,000 ($1,800) – to complete his research in the Chimbu Gorge and to the Kerowagi area.

He needs the money to employ students to assist gather material (mainly oral histories as I understand it) and so he can travel into those areas and also to the Melanesian Institute at Goroka for about a week to research its extensive library of books and documents.

Mathias has sought funds from the Australian National University, which has assisted him previously, without success and is now concerned about how he can complete the project.

If there is any reader who can assist, even partially so, I hope you will let us know.

Mathias Moya Kin is 48 and comes from Deri village of the Salt Nomane area of Simbu Province. He is married and has eight children and now lives in Kundiawa.

Mathias graduated from the PNG University of technology in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree in metallurgy and spent 20 years with the public service then time with PNG LNG on its resettlement project before returning home.

He is hoping his further research will allow him to better cover the early patrols by Taylor and Leahy through the western part of Simbu including a thorough investigation of claims of 100 people being shot in that area.


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Geoffrey Luck

I meant to add that I am happy to make a small contribution to help further Matthias' work.

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